Joe Biden in ‘disarray’ over Beijing threat as Whitehouse scramble to form China strategy

Nicholas Eftimiades: Joe biden in 'disarray' over China

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Joe Biden’s administration has been slammed for failure to adopt a clear policy on China. Nicholas Eftimiades, an expert on China, has warned that the Biden Whitehouse had been “a little overwhelmed” on coming into power at the size of the threat coming from Beijing. He argued that President Biden’s team appeared to have thrown into “disarray” over the need to agree on a strategy to curtail China’s actions globally.

Mr Eftimiades told “What the [Biden admistration] has done previously is widespread criticism the Trump administration, and in large measure kept a number of the Trump administration programmes in place.”

“You have separate here the politics from the reality,” he added.

“I think Biden has taken a position, completely different to what he took in the campaign where you can recall his publically saying China is no threat to us.”

“Yet he turns to Congress now and says they are going to shillelagh us.”

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“So either he has just got the briefings or was lying during the campaign, one of the two.”

“I think the Biden administration is a little overwhelmed by this and is trying to find the answers,” added the China expert.

“I suspect they are several months off from doing that,” said the expert back in June. 

“They seem somewhat in disarray on the subject.”

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It comes as the former CIA officer warns CHina has set out to overthrow the global liberal system in favour of a more compatible “authoritarian” order.

Mr Eftimiades told “China has said itself that its goals and intentions are to change the world order.

“To change from this liberal democratic rule by law to something that is more amenable to its system.

“They are not you know covert about this or secretive in any way, they say this is their plans and intentions.

“It is a different perspective and they say that Western democracy has failed, this is why we would replace it.”


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“It is a different perspective and they say that Western democracy has failed, this is why we would replace it.”

“From our perspective looking at them, it is a more authoritarian structure.

“Government rules, freedoms are cut but they get things done,” continued the security expert.

He added: “What does it mean when you have a brutal brutal authoritarian regime rising and people are still eager and willing to try to bury and ignore that to do business with them?”

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