Joe Biden warned ‘don’t underestimate Donald Trump’ in dire election warning

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The likelihood of President Trump losing power seems to be increasing and the US election remains on a knife-edge. Former vice president Biden looks poised to win in Wisconsin and Michigan, with all eyes also peeled on Pennsylvania, which could decide the race. Mr Trump has already used social media to cast doubt over the validity of the voting with baseless claims. The President is poised to demand a recount in Wisconsin, according to his campaign manager. Some states are still counting mail-in votes which are expected to favour the Democrats after the President’s previous assault on mail-in voting.

Today, Mr Trump was condemned for claiming victory despite millions of votes still being counted.

He said: “We will win this and as far as I’m concerned we already have won it.”

Adam Schiff, the Democratic chair of the House intelligence committee criticised the President.

He said: “Once again, the president is lying to the American people and acting like a would-be despot. We will count every vote. And ignore the noise.”

There have been concerns in recent weeks that Mr Trump will attempt to challenge the election result if he loses.

Dr Nigel Bowles, US politics expert at Oxford University, tells that President Trump could go to great lengths to do this.

He said: “I don’t think this is just him posturing because I think he is an accomplished political tactician.

“He has a visceral sense of the range of opinions in his coalition.

“He has a New York property dealer’s sense of what is necessary to close a deal, and he is relatively unconstrained by convention.

“So he will do what is necessary. I’m not making a moral judgement on this, observationally he appears to take risks he thinks necessary to prevail.

“He has usually prevailed in his life. He hasn’t lost an election yet.

“I take him very seriously, and I take it that he is doing what he’s doing to gain an advantage.”

The US politics expert from Oxford University warned that some of the President’s detractors may be underestimating what their opponent is capable of.

He added: “It’s also important to say he is doing this to maintain pressure. Donald Trump has a range of political skills which are much greater than many of his detractors are willing to admit.

“But they have proven to be rather effective, so my sense from what he has said, that he will contest the election result, suggests to me he knew his chances were marginal.


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“He was correct, but he may still win. This has been his style as a politician and as a remarkable campaigner.”

“He will use every device open to him, which in many ways doesn’t make him different really from any other politicians.”

The election result was challenged in 2000 when George W Bush secured victory over Al Gore.

The vote in Florida was so close, a recount was ordered before the Supreme Court stepped in and ruled the original vote should stand.

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