King Charles receives stunning gift from Canada as part of Coronation tradition

King Charles has been gifted a horse by Canada ahead of his coronation on May 6 when he will be formally crowned in a historic ceremony.

As part of royal tradition, he has been given a massive steed by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for her size and ability.

Noble, a seven-year-old black mare, is settling into life at the Royal Mews in Windsor, Buckingham Palace said in a statement.

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A spokesperson said: "Having demonstrated her potential during the tour with the Musical Ride, participating in 90 public performances at 50 different locations in Canada, Noble was selected as the ideal horse for His Majesty because of her size and ability.

"Her calm demeanour allows her to thrive in the sometimes raucous atmosphere of exciting public events.”

Noble was bred and trained in Canada and Charles was said to be “pleased” to meet her at Royal Mews earlier this week. According to PA, it is a long tradition, with the relationship between the royal family and the force dating back to 1904.

Meanwhile, it has been reported Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet have been "snubbed" after they didn't receive an invite to the coronation.

It follows claims their parents Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been invited but can expect the "cold shoulder" from fellow royals.

Harry and Meghan will not be invited to take part in the official balcony appearance and it's thought many members of the family may have no wish to socialise with the couple.

A friend of the Royal Family was quoted in the Sunday Times: "They will be given the cold shoulder by very many relatives. One said to me ‘I hope they'll be seated in Iceland’.

“Many of the family just want nothing more to do with them. If they have to see them at the Coronation then so be it but they do not want to socialise with them.”


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