Kremlin accuse UK of ‘directing’ explosive ‘sabotage’ mission on gas pipeline

Kremlin officials have directly accused the UK of "directing" explosives in a "sabotage" mission that destroyed a Nord stream pipeline.

Furious Russian politicians claimed that the Nord stream pipeline explosions from late September this year were that of British involvement, with UK accused of "directing and coordinating" the sabotage.

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov claimed that there is "evidence" of British involvement in what foaming spokespersons of despot Vladimir Putin are calling a "terrorist attack on vital energy infrastructure".

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Peskov's comments come as he blasts the "unacceptable silence" of the European Union, who had previously reported their belief that the Nord stream pipeline explosion was an act of sabotage.

Speaking of the exploded pipeline, Russian spokesman Peskov said: "Our intelligence services have data indicating that British military specialists were directing and coordinating the attack.

"There is evidence that Britain is involved in sabotage, in a terrorist attack on vital energy infrastructure, not Russian, but international."

Despite the lack of detail provided by his speech, Peskov said that Western officials should "carefully" analyse information provided by Moscow, and that he expected analysis of the pipeline explosion to be carried out.

He added: "We expect that despite the unacceptable silence of the European countries, this analysis will nevertheless be carried out."

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Response from several government ministers in the UK played down the furious claims from the Russian spokesperson, with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's spokesperson labelling his comments as "distractions which are part of the Russian playbook".

Foreign Secretary James Cleverly joined said comments from the UK Government, adding that the Russian allegations against the UK are "increasingly detached from reality", SCMP reported.

He added: "They are designed to distract the Russian people from the reality of Russian failures on the battlefield."

Putin himself had labelled the burst of the pipeline an "unprecedented act of international terrorism", while NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said at the time that "all evidence points again that this is sabotage", FOXNews reported.

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