La Palma volcano eruption LIVE: Canary Islands evacuated as lava swallows homes on isle

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La Palma: Canary Islands volcano continues to erupt

The eruption, which occurred at 3:15pm local time, caused lava to shoot into the air and stream into rivers towards nearby villages. 

No injuries have so far been reported. 



Spanish Prime Minister to visit those affected by the eruption

The Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, will today visit the affected area alongside the President of the Canary Islands. 

Live footage from the eruption

Watch live footage of the eruption here. 

Some more pictures from the eruption

Here are some more pictures from the eruption, which is still continuing to spread. 

Thousands evacuated

Thousands of people have been evacuated from nearby villages. The eruption was the first in 50 years. 

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