Lit firecracker thrown into subway train sparks morning commute chaos

Someone tossed a lit firecracker into an F train at 14th Street during the morning commute Friday, causing chaos when it exploded, according to riders and MTA officials.

Twitter user @Amelia_Vogler tweeted that someone threw the “lit, explosive firecracker” into a rear car of the northbound train about 9:30 a.m.

“Nothing makes you contemplate your own mortality on a Summer Friday commute more than an explosive device being thrown mere inches from you in a subway car,” she wrote.

After the blast, terrified commuters stampeded the 23rd Street station platform.

“Just fled a northbound F train with all the passengers. Complete panic,” said Twitter user @LeslieBradshaw. “Unclear of the issue, but full stampede moving from car to car – chaos. We all ran off at the 23rd Street stop.”

Twitter user @davecalhoun added, “Just got caught up in a terrifying stampede on the NY subway. People came flooding in from the next carriage screaming and set off a chain reaction of fear.”

Another tweeter, @jdlbrooklyn, wrote that he was “rattled.”

“I got pushed down and stepped on, then pulled up by someone and we helped each other get out,” the person said.

One straphanger sustained minor injuries in the chaos, FDNY officials said, and was taken to Bellevue Hospital.

Transit officials said they were aware of the “very scary situation” and police are investigating.

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