Lotto player with magic touch wins 3 times in 10 years scooping £600k

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One lucky man from Islington has done something that many of us can only dream of doing, he's won the lottery – three times.

Mehmet Ozer, an upholsterer from Islington, has bagged £600,000 from the prize draw over the past 10 years.

The fortunate man has won the UK National Lottery, the EuroMillions and the Turkish National lottery between 1998 and 2018, giving him a combined total of £600,000, MyLondon reports.

Mehmet claims to have always known he would win and says he has been lucky throughout his whole life, "except for in marriage," he joked.

The 50-year-old won the EuroMillions after a routine trip to the Co-op opposite his upholstery business in Islington.

Mehmet described the moment one of his colleagues tried to talk him out of it: “He was saying, ‘don't waste your money, you're not going to get lucky’ and I said ‘maybe we'll get money’.

He continued: “My friend was in front of me [in the shop] and he got the [EuroMillions] Lucky Dip and then I got the Lucky Dip, within a few seconds of each other in the Co-op supermarket."

“On Saturday morning, I had to go to work early in the morning.

“I was having tea and reading my newspaper and then all of a sudden I realised I hadn't checked my lottery [ticket].

“I started looking at it, I think the second line from the bottom [of the ticket], a number came up and then a second one, third one, fourth one, fifth one and one of the lucky stars.”

He says that he’s always known he would win and has consistently been lucky, "except for in his marriage", he joked.

Mehmet couldn't believe his luck had to do some laps of his flat to calm down.

"I came back and looked again and for a few minutes, I looked at the date of the lottery because sometimes I play and don't check, and the date was correct, it was last night's lottery and I was in shock," the lottery winner said.

“The jackpot was £100 million and two people were sharing the £100 million, I was going to be the third person if I had one more number.”

The North Londoner had bagged himself £303,465.20, and this wasn't even the first time he had won.

Mehmet first saw success in 1998 when he claims to have walked away with almost £300,000 on the National Turkish Lottery.

He said: “I was on holiday in Turkey for Christmas, they have a special lottery on new years eve and I got nearly £300,000 there as well.”

“I had lots of family members who I helped, who didn't have a house, who wanted to go to university and just helped lots of people in the family.”

The upholsterer won for a third time in 2019 while playing the UK National Lottery and gained five numbers on his ticket.

This win was garnered him with a conservative £1,750 but it didn't take away from the third win.

“They paid me £1,750," he said.

"The lady who came to give me the champagne and the cheque said that people who win the lottery have more chances of winning again.”

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