Manslaughter trial begins for Calgary man charged in death of grandson

A trial is set to begin for a Calgary man accused of killing of his five-year-old grandson.

Allan Perdomo, who is 59, faces a charge of manslaughter in the 2015 death of Emilio Perdomo.

Police have said Emilio was taken to hospital with swelling and bruising all over his body.

He died five days later.

An autopsy determined he died from multiple blunt-force trauma injuries.

Perdomo’s wife, Carolina Perdomo, was originally charged in the case but the Crown stayed the manslaughter charge against her in February.

Search warrant documents from 2016 said the boy had been sent to live in Calgary from Mexico by his mother, who hoped he would have a better life in Canada.

The child had been in Calgary for about a year before he was admitted to the Alberta Children’s Hospital. He was unresponsive and suffering from seizures, brain bleeds and broken bones, the documents said.

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