Meat cleaver thugs try to hijack motorbike rider but he rides away

EXCLUSIVE: Meat cleaver-wielding thugs try to hijack motorbike rider – but he sees the weapon and rides away in terrifying video

  • Courier, 28, on his way home on Coopers Bank Road, in Birmingham, today
  • Car pulled up alongside him and courier thought his bike might have a problem
  • When he slowed, the car’s passenger told him to pull over and he did so 
  • The man had a meat cleaver in his hand and hit the courier’s leg with his car door
  • Courier drove away and car chased him for a further minute before giving up 

This is the terrifying moment a motorcycle courier drives away in fear of his life when a car pulls up alongside him and a man wielding a meat cleaver tries to attack him.

The courier, 28, was on his way home on his motorbike on Coopers Bank Road, in Birmingham, this afternoon when he noticed a car driving alongside him. 

Footage shows a passenger in the car telling the courier to ‘pull over’, and it is when he does so that the meat cleaver can clearly be seen in the man’s hand. 

A motorbike courier was on his way home on his on Coopers Bank Road, in Birmingham, this afternoon when he was told by a  passenger in a car which had pulled up alongside him to ‘pull over’. The courier, 28, was worried there might e something wrong with his bike

The man then quickly tries to get out of the car and the courier, who did not want to be identified because of fears for his safety, drives away terrified.

It appears that the men may have been trying to steal his bike. 

The courier told MailOnline that he stopped because he thought the men might be trying to point out a fault with his bike. 

The courier stopped his bike when the men shouted ‘pull over’ out of the window. The man then opened the car door, which hit his leg, and he was clutching a meat cleaver

‘I was not sure what these people wanted from me,’ he said. 

‘I thought there might be something wrong with my bike.’

He added: ‘The car door hit my leg and then I saw something in his hand. 

Terrified, the courier pulled away and the car driver followed him closely before turning to the left. The courier told MailOnline that he thought the men might try and hit him

Killings rose by 14 per cent to 739 last year, and increase of 90 homicides recorded in England and Wales than in the previous 12 months.

Knife crime rose by 12 per cent as nearly 40,000 were reported to police according to shocking crime statistics released by the Office for National Statistics in January. 

That brings the average daily total to more than 100.

Rape increased by 16 per cent to 56,698 offences and other sex offences rose 13 per cent to 101,464. About 20 per cent of those were against children. 

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‘They followed me closely when I drove away, I thought they were going to hit my car. 

‘They only continued for around one minute before making a left turn. 

‘I was very scared. I had to run. I thought it was the right idea to run.’

It appears the men may have been trying to steal the courier’s bike.  

He said he is going to report the attempted attack to the police today.  

His lucky escape comes amid the backdrop of a shocking Wild West crime wave around Britain which saw knife offences rise by nearly 12 per cent in 2018.

There were nearly 40,000 knife offences last year, an average of 100 a day. 

In London, the murder toll since the start of 2019 hit 60, with a shocking flurry of murders over the weekend.

This was followed by the death of a 42-year-old man in Stratford in the early hours of this morning.  

It came just one day after a gang of 100 youths pelted police with bottles as they tried to investigate a robbery at Westfield Shopping Centre, in Stratford. 

Hours before the death of the 42-year-old, a teenager was stabbed in the face in Tuffnell Park, North London. 

The boy, who has not yet been named has been taken to a north London hospital, was treated for non-life threatening injuries. 

Police arrested a 25-year-old man on suspicion of GBH.  

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