Meet Boris Johnson’s children – from new baby girl to ‘lookalike’ son

Boris Johnson's wife Carrie has given birth to their second child, announcing they had welcomed a "healthy baby girl" earlier today, December 9.

The 33-year-old announced she was pregnant again in July 2021, just two months after their secret wedding ceremony in Westminster Cathedral on May 29 2021.

In a statement, it was revealed today: "Prime Minister Boris Johnson and wife Carrie have announced “the birth of a healthy baby girl at a London hospital earlier today.

"Both mother and daughter are doing very well. The couple would like to thank the brilliant NHS maternity team for all their care and support."

This is the pair's second child, but the Prime Minister also has a number of other children, with three different mothers.

How many children does Boris Johnson have?

Boris Johnson is known to have seven children, with three different mothers.

The Prime Minister has remained tight-lipped about how many children he has for years, but last year he appeared to confirm the number.

After years of speculation, Mr Johnson was asked by NBC's Today show on a trip to New York whether he has six children. He replied: "Yes."

He added: "It’s fantastic, it’s fantastic, it’s a lot of work, I’ll tell you that much, but I love it, I absolutely love it. And I change a lot of nappies, in case anybody… I do."

With the birth of their new baby girl, Mr Johnson has fathered at least seven children.

Who are Boris Johnson's children?

Baby girl

Boris Johnson and Carrie now share two children. Their first and only daughter was born on December 9 2021.

The couple have not yet revealed the name of their daughter.

Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas

Their first child is Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas Johnson, who was born on April 29 2020.

Wilfred was born just one month after the PM was fighting for his life in hospital after contracting coronavirus.

The couple gave him the middle name Nicholas as tribute to two NHS doctors who helped Mr Johnson beat the virus – Dr Nick Price and Dr Nick Hart.

Lara Lettice

Mr Johnson also has four children with his second wife Marina Wheeler, who he separated from in 2018. Their divorce was finalised in November 2020.

Their eldest child is Lara Lettice Johnson-Wheeler. The 28-year-old is a writer and broadcaster.

Recently she appeared in Tatler magazine, where she joined a campaign highlighting body positivity during the lockdown.

Milo Arthur

Their second child is Milo Arthur Johnson, 26, who graduated from London’s School of Oriental and African Studies in 2014. He speaks Arabic, Russian and French.

He also went to Westminster School, which costs about £27,000-a-year.

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A keen sportsman, he was described in 2011 in an issue of his school magazine as "without doubt the player of the season", for his skills in football.

Cassia Peaches

Meanwhile, their daughter Cassia Peaches, 24, studied at which costs about £18,000-a-year.

Just like her father, she is a keen writer and was student editor of their alumni magazine Cholmeleian.

Theodore Apollo

Boris and Marina's youngest child is Theodore Apollo, who is now 22 years old.

He studied at Cambridge University, a rival of Oxford University, which his father attended.

Not much is known about Theo, other than the fact that he has been labelled a 'lookalike' of the Prime Minster, with his distinctive hair and style.

Stephanie Macintyre

Mr Johnson's fifth child, Stephanie Macintyre, was born in 2009. Her mother is art consultant Helen Macintyre, who he had an affair with while still married to Mrs Wheeler.

The PM previously denied being her father, and even launched legal action against a newspaper preventing them from publishing a report.

However, last year Johnson's dad Stanley appeared to acknowledge her place in the family.

He said: "14 includes Stephanie — that's the point. I am particularly pleased to include Stephanie."

Judges rules the public had a right to know abut Boris' daughter Stephanie.

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