Meghan Markle described her first meeting with Kate Middleton as ‘wonderful’

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Despite the fallout with the Royal Family over Megxit, the first meeting for Prince Harry to introduce Meghan Markle to Prince William and Kate Middleton went how they had hoped.

Prince Harry revealed in the couple’s engagement interview with BBC’s Mishal Hussian that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had long looked forward to meeting Meghan.

In the same interview, Meghan described the meeting as very positive using a single word to describe the moment, "wonderful".

Prince Harry and Meghan had been on a whirlwind romance following a blind date and a trip to Botswana before Harry proposed during a "cosy night" in the cottage at Kensington Palace in 2017.

Recalling the meeting between Megan and Kate, Prince Harry said: "It was exciting I mean I’ve — you know I’d been seeing her for a period of time when I literally didn’t tell anybody at all.

"And then William was longing to meet her and so was Catherine, so you know, being our neighbours, we managed to get that in a couple of — well quite a few times now and Catherine has been absolutely…"

Meghan interrupted: "Wonderful."

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She also praised Prince Harry's family for being so welcoming and meeting his grandmother, the Queen.

Meghan said: "I think, you know, to be able to meet her through his lens, not just with his honour and respect for her as the monarch, but the love that he has for her as his grandmother, all of those layers have been so important for me so that when I met her I had such a deep understanding and of course incredible respect for being able to have that time with her.

"And we’ve had a really — she’s — she’s an incredible woman."

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The couple went to marry a year following their engagement with a ceremony at Windsor Castle in 2018.

However, with Prince Harry and Meghan making the decision to leave their Royal duties, there is rumoured to be a rift between the two brothers despite a handful of recent appearances, including the unveiling of a statue dedicated to their mother Princess Diana at Kensington Palace.

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During an ITV documentary in 2019, Prince Harry said he and William have "good days" and "bad days".

In the recent Lifetime TV movie "Harry & Meghan: Escaping the Palace", it appears to present William, the Duke of Cambridge, as a villain over racial issues

The trailer shows Harry and William fighting over alleged racism and a lack of support for Meghan as he urges the future king to make a statement to address racism in the press.

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