Melania Trump used private email account for White House business, ex-friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff says

FIRST Lady Melania Trump allegedly used a private email account to conduct official White House business according to her former senior adviser and friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff.

Revealed in the new tell-all book written by Wolkoff, Melania used a private Trump Organization email account, an email from from a domain, iMessage and Signal, an encrypted messaging app, for White House business.

The Washington Post viewed messages dated after President Trump's inauguration from private email and messaging accounts that discussed government hires, contracts, detailed schedules for state visits to Israel and Japan, and finances for the presidential inauguration.

The Washington Post reported they also saw messages discussing Melania's Be Best initiative and the logistics of the Easter egg roll.

After publishing her book, "Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady," Wolkoff said she and the first lady corresponded several times a day and did not use White House emails.

During the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server while serving as secretary of state "worse than Watergate."

According to Richard Painter, the former chief White House ethics lawyers for George W. Bush from 2005 to 2007, Melania is not a government employee as the first lady.

"If she is doing United States government business, she should be using a White House email," he said.

"It's total hypocrisy. They got elected acting as if Hillary Clinton ought to be in jail for using the wrong email."

The details of Melania's email and messaging account activity is not covered in Wolkoff's book as she "just had so much" to write about.

The former senior adviser told The Washington Post that she decided to talk about the activity after the White House "attached her integrity."

Wolkoff's tell-all book features details about the rivalry between Melania and President Trump's daughter Ivanka.

Just 12 years apart in age, the pair have had a frosty relationship since Melania married Trump in 2005.

Wolkoff’s book depicts constant fights between the two camps, with Ivanka accused of “sabotaging” her own stepmother from the off.

Detailing Trump’s 2017 inauguration, Wolkoff writes of Ivanka: “If she could have swapped spots with Melania, you bet she would have!

“It was Donald’s inauguration, not Ivanka’s. But no one was brave enough to tell her that.”

Wolkoff also claimed Trump’s daughter was obsessed with mimicking the Kennedy dynasty and appeared to be hungry for power.

Weary Melania was said to have rolled her eyes when Ivanka once opined about being America’s first female president, mumbling under her breath: “No thank you.”

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