Model’s stalker hell as bloke gatecrashed birthday and showed up on her holiday

An OnlyFans model has expressed her relief after an obsessed stalker who made her life a "living hell” was locked up safely behind bards.

Abigail Furness said: “For a long time I lived in constant fear that he was watching me. Now that he's finally behind bars, I can move forward with my life."

Obsessive fan Jamie Spears was tried at Lewes Crown Court in April 2021 and was given an eight-month suspended prison sentence for stalking and put under curfew.

But last month Spears was again caught stalking Abigail – and he has now been jailed for 14 months.

Responding to the verdict, Abigail said: "Now that Jamie is finally behind bars I feel safe.

"I'm working on moving forward with my life and I hope I never see him again."

Abigail first became aware of Spears on her 20th birthday in June last year. A number of people turned up at her parents’ home in Brighton to drop off cards and presents but then a stranger appeared on the doorstep.

She says she wasn’t sure who it was but "reluctantly agreed" when he asked for a hug and a selfie.

It was only when she opened the birthday car he’d given her that the penny dropped. She recognised the signature – “JP Master”.

"He was one of my subscribers on OnlyFans,” she said. “I didn’t understand how he’d gotten my parent’s address.

“Panicked, I quickly messaged him and told him not to contact me again.

“He replied apologising and promised it wouldn’t happen again.”

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But Spears kept up the campaign of obsessive and intimidating behaviour for a year, turning up uninvited at Abigail’s home, peering through her windows and following her – often wearing elaborate disguises to prevent her from spotting him.

In one case he was even spotted hiding in her garden shed.

Spears also bombarded her with messages on social media, even though she had blocked him on Facebook and Instagram as well as OnlyFans.

But now, finally, she says, Abigail can get on with her life without constantly looking over my shoulder”.

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