Mom who ‘gloated’ about SAT cheating pleads guilty in college admissions scandal

Four more parents pleaded guilty Friday to paying bribes to get their kids into top schools as part of the college admissions scandal — including a mom who allegedly “gloated” with her daughter after the girl was fed answers to the SATs.

Elizabeth Henriquez and her Silicon Valley honcho hubby, Manuel Henriquez, pleaded guilty in Boston federal court to money laundering and conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud charges for paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to William “Rick” Singer.

The college prep expert helped their two daughters cheat on their admissions tests — and also got their elder daughter, Isabelle, designated a fake athletic recruit to Georgetown University, prosecutors said.

Singer had a crooked test proctor sit “side-by-side” with Isabelle during her SATs to give her the answers, according to court documents.

Afterward, the proctor “ ‘gloated’ with Elizabeth Henriquez and her daughter about the fact that they had cheated and gotten away with it,” a criminal complaint reads.

Manuel resigned from his Silicon Valley firm, Hercules Capital, after his involvement in the scheme became public.

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