Moment Countryfile host Matt Baker rescues a cat from a tree in front of polite crowd of cheering Waitrose shoppers

COUNTRYFILE host Matt Baker turned superhero yesterday – as he rescued a cat stuck up a 50ft tree for two hours.

The face mask-wearing BBC star, 42, was doing a coffee run when he noticed a worried crowd gathered in a Waitrose car park.

He realised it was a trapped tabby and he sprang into action, fetching a ladder from his nearby office and rushing back to help.

Video footage shows Matt climbing to capture the cat stuck on a branch 20ft up the beech tree in Berkhamsted, Herts, yesterday afternoon.

A group held a blanket alongside him as Matt pulled the cat down the tree.

The feline was reunited with its relieved owner who thanked the ex-Blue Peter presenter for his efforts.

His pal Gareth Collett, 46, told The Sun: “Matt looked like a superhero – he climbed up a ladder wearing a mask, reached up the branch and managed to get the cat.

“He gave it to its owner and she was over the moon. She was nearly in tears.”

Gareth, who is setting up a TV company with dad-of-two Matt, added: “We’ve got an office nearby.

"Matt went to get coffee and there was commotion at Waitrose.

“He realised it was a cat and said, ‘I think we’ve got a ladder in the office’ and went to get it.

“He loves to help people out and he is good with animals because he grew up on a farm.

“They would’ve had to phone the fire brigade if he hadn’t turned up. Matt was just pleased to help the lady.

“No one even knew it was Matt Baker because of the mask! Once he rescued it, he just gave it back to the woman and left.”

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