Murder in LA County jumps over 95% so far this year, concealed carry permits on the rise: sheriff

Violent crime in Los Angeles rising at rapid pace, sheriff’s statistics show

Homicides in Los Angeles up by nearly 200% this year

Murders in Los Angeles County have skyrocketed more than 95% so far this year compared to the same period in 2020, and other areas of crime also saw increases, with the local sheriff calling the uptick “very, very troublesome.” 

“We don’t have good news unfortunately,” L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said as before he listed off the latest crime statistics in a video streamed on social media. 

In addition to the 95.24% jump in murders year-over-year, the L.A. Sheriff’s Department (LASD) reported increases of 40.11% in grand theft auto, 22.40% in arson, 12.94% in aggravated assault and 7.82% in forcible rape, Villanueva said. 

Violent crime was already up 36% at the end of 2020, he said. 

“All huge numbers, all very, very troublesome,” he continued. As he started his next thought, he noted: “We have less cops on the street, more crooks, less consequences – you know, what could go wrong with that combination, right?” 

The LASD recently increased its capacity to process permits for carrying a concealed weapon, or CCW, Villanueva said.

“We’re recognizing that the threat to the residents is increasing, so we’re responding accordingly. 

He said the department would ensure they were being responsible in ensuring that only those who meet and follow the necessary requirements be granted permits, and added that those people must establish good cause for why they believe they should be armed. 

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