Nature’s alarm clock! Rotorua hit by early morning earthquake

Rotorua residents have awoken to the familiar rattle and shake of an earthquake.

The GeoNet website says the 2.7 magnitude earthquake struck within 5km of Rotorua at 5.55am.

It was at a depth of 5km and resulted in “light shaking” the website says.

Residents having taken to social media describing being woken by the jolt.

One said “Not another wake up call by earthquakes!”, while others described hearing the quake before feeling it.

“Only little though but heard it coming.”

Last Friday, three large earthquakes happened offshore New Zealand – a M7.3 off East Cape at 2.30am, followed by two Kermadec quakes M7.4 and M8.1 several hours later.

These earthquakes resulted in a tsunami warning which saw coastal New Zealand residents instructed to evacuate until the all clear was given.

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