Painful moment Sainsbury's security guard crashes to the ground

Bored at work? Painful moment Sainsbury’s security guard crashes to the ground after trying to leap on top of a plastic barrier outside store

  • A Sainsbury’s security guard had a painful run in with a plastic barrier
  • He attempts to clear a jump but ends up flipping backwards onto his head
  • The video has been watched almost 400k times on Twitter

A Sainsbury’s security guard had a painfully boring day at work recently – when he made an ill-advised attempt to jump a barrier.

He spectacularly failed to make the jump and toppled backwards onto his head in what looked like an excruciatingly painful fall. 

His attempt was caught on video and has been watched almost 400K times on Twitte – as well as being viewed on TikTok – with users scoring his jump skills and ‘aspiration’.

A Sainsbury’s security guard attempts to jump over a plastic orange barrier 

The video shows the security man wearing a hi-viz waistcoat outside an unidentified  Sainsbury’s store. 

He readies himself before he makes the jump, eyeing up the height of the plastic orange barrier. 

With a huge athletic effort, he leaps on top of the barrier but his feet slip and he loses his balance. 

He  flips backwards, in a 360 turn, landing painfully on his head.

He manages to leap on top of the barrier but his feet slip and he loses his balance

One Twitter user jokingly gave the jump a score out of ten, writing: ‘8/10 on jump height but 0 on the landing.’

Ruth Topham on Twitter, credited the security man’s efforts to scale the barrier, writing: ’10 out of 10 for aspiration.’ 

However, Tom Pine was more concerned for the plastic barrier involved, joking: ‘I hope the barrier is ok.’

The man flips backwards, landing on his head in an excruciatingly painful fall

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