Pennsylvania snow-shoveling argument leaves three dead in murder-suicide after 'a dozen shots fired' following fight

A SNOW-shoveling argument has left three dead in what police are calling a murder-suicide after "a dozen shots were fired" in the roadside fight. 

Police in Pennsylvania have said two people were shot and killed on Monday, and the shooter had taken their own life.

The incident happened in the Hudson section of Plains Township.

Neighbors heard the shots fired just before 9.30am on Monday, Plains Township Police Chief Dale Binker told WHTM-TV. 

The deadly argument happened amid a record blizzard pummeling 20 states across the US.

Winter Storm Orlena has left thousands without power and sparked travel chaos.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said the situation is "as serious as a heart attack" as cities from DC to New York are hit with two feet of snow.

Storm watches and weather advisories are now in effect across 20 states, says the National Weather Prediction Center.


The slow-moving storm is expected to dump two or three inches every hour in New York, where authorities are bracing for one of the worst snowstorms since 1869.

Cuomo declared an emergency in nine more counties throughout the Hudson Valley and Long Island.

Cuomo warned: "This storm is no joke and the main concern right now is that the expected snowfall rate of two inches per hour this afternoon creates an extremely dangerous situation on our roadways.

"I want New Yorkers to hear me loud and clear – stay home and off the roads and if you must travel, get where you're going before noon, and expect to remain home for some time."

Vaccination sites had been forced to close in Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York, with appointments canceled due to closures to be rescheduled.

Winter Storm Orlena proves to be rather dangerous in that meteorologists have predicted it would be a combination of two storms put into one, unleashing what some have estimated to be well over three feet of snow in some places.

The storms will reach as far west as the Ohio Valley, carrying with it moisture from the Atlantic Ocean which is certain to keep it fueled well past Ohio and into Wisconsin as it travels north.

Another storm is expected to travel north from DC well past New York City and into Boston, where it has been pummeling the streets with icy conditions.

Coastal areas are also expected to be hit with hurricane-force winds causing major flooding from New Jersey to Cape Cod.

Wind gusts in Cape Cod are expected to reach 75mph.

The winter storms are same ones that dumped 15 inches or rain and more than 100 inches of snow over parts of California earlier this week.  

The storm is over the Southwest but is on the move eastward, while brutal cold has engulfed the Great Lakes and Northeast.

Wind chills are as low as 20 degrees below zero in parts of New England, CBS News reports.

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