People will fall in love with sex robots and start marrying them, author claims

Marrying a robot will be considered normal by the end of the century, according to a leading academic.

Dr David Levy says our desires are changing at a rate which could see sex and relationships with androids normalised in the next 30 years.

The author said some people could even stop having relationships' with other humans altogether because they prefer cyborgs.

He likened the idea of robot marriage to the successful campaign to legalise partnerships between gay people.

The academic – who has a phd in Social Robotics – predicts robotic sex dolls will become so intelligent they will develop personalities' and be able to hold conversations on any level of sophistication.

Dr Levy, 76, says artificial life forms could even replace sex workers and will be especially beneficial for people who struggle to form relationships with humans.

The author of book Love and Sex with Robots said: "Just as it is now accepted in most countries that we can marry people of the same sex so will sex robots become accepted.

"People will eventually be falling in love with and having sex with robots.

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"Human sex has changed drastically over time. At the beginning of the 20th century, if somebody would have said men could marry men in a hundred year's time you would have been carted off to a lunatic asylum.

"People's attitudes to emotional relationships change. It's easy to see that when robots are sufficiently human-like some people will fall in love with them and some will want to marry them.

"I think the first sophisticated sex robots will be around by 2050, but it will be another 50 years before they're commonplace in society and people accept it's normal for a friend to say, I am in love with a robot and I am thinking of marrying it'.''

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Dr Levy said similar traits that attract us to each other will soon be present in androids.

"One reason people fall in love is similar interests. If you have a robot that can carry a conversation on a sophisticated level then that satisfies the idea of people who fall in love with shared interests,'' he said.

"Many people also have emotional connections with their pets and are devoted to their cats and dogs.

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"If you can have that kind of attraction to a pet animal then surely you can have some kind of attraction to an artificial life form that can understand you.

"My prediction is that not only will people start falling in love with robots but they will also marry them.''

Animatronic sex dolls, which cost around £8,000, come equipped with personality traits that can be altered using a mobile phone app and can even simulate orgasms.

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