Pics reveal how woman broke out in 'super itchy' hives over her face and body after being struck down with Covid

A WOMAN broke out in "super itchy" hives all over her face and body after being struck down with Covid – and now "wishes" she had been vaccinated.

Doorae Shin, 29, was shocked by the severity of the illness and battled relentless symptoms for 10 days after contracting the virus earlier this month.

Shin, from Oahu in Hawaii, thought she would only experience mild symptoms if she caught Covid, and decided not to get vaccinated.

"I thought being 29, vegan, not drinking, and being active protected me enough," Shin wrote on social media.

"I wish I got immunized, and I hope this plants a seed for some."

Shin shared photos of the painful hives which spread over her face and legs, and the angry rash also covered her torso and arms.

"Just walking caused my shirt to be really uncomfortable on my skin," she wrote.

Shin said she and her partner, Rob, tested positive after he "came back on a full airplane and likely got infected there".

She said her legs were "sore to the bone" on the first day of infection and then she developed chills and a fever of 102 degrees.

Shin, the Oahu chapter coordinator for the Surfrider Foundation, also experienced intense headaches, all-over soreness, fatigue, nausea, a loss of appetite, a severe cough and a sore throat.

"I’m really happy that yesterday, we tested negative and feel so much better," she wrote.

"But I wanted to share that I was wrong about the vax.

"As someone who was hesitant and who is still distrustful of big pharma, and as someone who takes my health seriously, I have to say that Covid is really bad even for healthy folks.

"Yes you can be lucky and asymptomatic, but Delta is hitting younger, healthier people harder, and I can attest to it personally."

I thought being 29, vegan, not drinking, and being active protected me enough. I wish I got immunized, and I hope this plants a seed for some.

She said her decision to refuse the vaccine stemmed from a distrust of the pharmaceutical industry.

"The narrative around vaccinated vs unvaccinated folks is so toxic and polarizing, and it’s not working," she said. 

"Most unvaccinated people I know are not Republicans. They are progressive, healthy folks who distrust big pharma and are suspicious of all the changing info out there.

"And we need to appeal to them by validating their mistrust, which is justified."

According to local publication Star Advertiser, 77 per cent of Hawaii residents between the ages of 18 and 29 are vaccinated. 


And the most common symptoms of Covid are different in people who are vaccinated.

Professor Tim Spector, an epidemiologist at King’s College London, said: "According to data from the ZOE COVID Study, fully vaccinated people now make up nearly 30 per cent of positive cases.

"So it’s critical to be aware of the symptoms of Covid after vaccination. 

"Our data shows post-vaccination infections are much more like a cold than the flu, with the top symptoms being runny nose, headache, sneezing, sore throat and loss of smell. 

"We’re again calling on the government to add these cold-like symptoms to their list to help educate the public and catch more cases."

And a new study found odd skin reactions, such as a measles-like rash and shingles, have been reported as rare side effects of getting the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccines.

Reactions were seen in a database of 414 cases of delayed skin problems linked to the vaccines and reported to health care professionals.

But none of the skin conditions caused a life-threatening reaction

"For people whose rashes started four or more hours after getting the vaccine, zero per cent of them went on to get anaphylaxis or any other serious reaction," Dr. Esther Freeman, director of global health dermatology at Massachusetts General Hospital, told USA Today.

"Zero is a nice number."

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