Playboy glamour model may face execution after rotting corpse of doctor found in car

A post-mortem found he had been bludgeoned to death earlier that month. 

Dr Burchard’s body was discovered when a driver came across the abandoned car and noticed it had a rock smashed through one of the windows. 

Las Vegas police said Turner, Kennison and Pena had abandoned their Las Vegas home they were sharing and fled Nevada following Dr Burchard’s death. 

Turner – an ex-Maxim and Playboy Italia model – was arrested on March 21 in Stockton, California. 

Kennison was apprehended in Las Vegas on April, 17. 

It is understood Dr Burchard paid rent for all three and had financed Turner upwards of $300,000 (£238,300).

Police believe he had an intimate relationship with Turner. 

Detectives also said they found blood in a bedroom at the home and added there were signs there were attempts to clean it up. 

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