Police warning after Auckland teen daredevils continue to climb city skyscrapers

Auckland daredevils are back at it again, videoing themselves dangerously climbing and sitting on the edge of Auckland CBD skyscrapers.

Footage of people perched on the edge of the towering buildings is also once again circulating on social media.

In the videos posted to TikTok, teens are seen teetering on the edge of buildings and steel bars from construction sites across Auckland. Dangling their legs off buildings and looking hundreds of metres down to the concrete.

Recent videos also show them exploring train tracks used by freight trains.

“Dont try this yo self, people died in this same tunnel,” a caption read.

A police spokesperson told the Herald the stunts are dangerous and they strongly discourage anyone attempting such activities.

“Police would obviously discourage anyone partaking in such an activity for the safety risks and danger involved and we would investigate if we had any complaints from building owners [and could look at trespassing individuals].

“We ask anyone who has concerns for someone’s safety to contact 111 immediately.”

In a more recent video, a person can be spotted in the footage looking over the Auckland skyline.

Earlier this year, Auckland mayor Phil Goff said it was concerning the young people in the footage were putting themselves at risk and added they needed to consider the potential consequences of what they were doing.

“There have been deaths documented due to people doing stunts like this on social media and the last thing we want is a similar tragedy happening in Auckland.

“My message to anybody engaging in this sort of risky behaviour is to think of the terrible toll it would take on you, your family and friends if something goes wrong.”

It’s not the first time a group of daredevils have taken to the Auckland CBD’s skyscrapers, with similar videos posted to social media dating back to earlier this year and 2020.

In 2020, two men filmed themselves risking their lives by scaling the Pacifica building in downtown Auckland, which is the second tallest in the city at 178 metres.

At the time, police slammed their actions, saying they were putting their lives and the lives of others at risk.

Video of the stunt was posted to Instagram and shows the pair walking on top of the building and dangling from the scaffolding.

“I wish I could describe the complexity and process of becoming fearless,” one of the men boldly stated in a caption attached to the video.

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