Popular Russian actress calls on ‘maniac’ Putin to ‘repent’

Russian TV host says they will 'burn European humanitarians'

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Vladimir Putin and the Russian people must prepare to pay Ukraine reparations following the damage wrought in Ukraine, according to a popular Russian actress and singer. Speaking from exile in Cyprus, Vera Polozkova told a Russian YouTube blogger Yury Dud that she was raising money for the Ukrainian army who were “fighting for me and my children”. Ms Polozkova is hugely popular around the world and has a strong following among educated, middle-class Russians.

She has been called the world’s most popular modern Russian-language poet. However, Ms Polozkova revealed she would only return to Russia once Ukraine had won its war against the aggressor.

She warned Russians back home that the country will pay a price for the chaos it has caused in Ukraine. Ms Polozkova said: “The country that did this to Ukraine will — if it is really lucky — acknowledge it, repent and pay reparations.”

She warned that a post-Putin Russia was possible but this was “just the beginning” of a long fight. The artist said: “To make it liveable after everything that will happen to it, this is just the beginning.

“I cannot imagine how long it will take. Perhaps it won’t happen during our lifetime.”


She acknowledged that her public criticism of the Kremlin regime could make her a target.

Ms Polozkova rued the damage that President Putin had caused not only in Ukraine but also in Russia itself.

She said: “My country is occupied by a terrorist gang, it is very uncomfortable to be there because you are their hostage. The country now exists as a totalitarian sect.”

The Russian poet said President Putin had become the “main maniac of the 21st century,” adding: “If anyone thinks he’s a happy, rich, and powerful man — no, he’s not, he is in hell.”

Vladimir Putin claims that Ukraine 'attacked Crimea bridge'

Pro-Putin supporters on Telegram have already shared posts demanding she faces legal action for “discrediting” her country, and “treason” for backing the Ukrainians.

The YouTuber Yury Dud has already faced strong opposition from pro-Putin forces in Russia after creating popular videos with opponents of the war in Ukraine.

This comes as the latest intelligence briefing from the UK Ministry of Defence claims that fragile morale continues to be a significant vulnerability across much of the Russian force.

The MoD said that Russian soldiers’ concerns were centred on the very high casualty rates, poor leadership, pay difficulties, lack of equipment and ammunition, and lack of clarity about the war’s goals.


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