Prince William’s impassioned plea as he explains ‘new outlook’ and ‘family bond’

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Prince William has shared his view on family bonds when he worked on protecting the environment for the next generation.

The Duke of Cambridge – who has three children in Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis with wife Kate Middleto n – visited Africa as he filmed for an ITV documentary in "search for ways to protect the natural world".

The new show, named Prince William: A Planet for Us All, sees the royal family member describing his "new outlook" while he revisits Tanzania for the rhinos.

He says: "Now I've got George, Charlotte and now Louis, in my life, your outlook does change.

"That's why I had to do something because by the time my children are 20 [years old], and the rate the poaching is at, there may not have any rhino in the world.

"They are a prehistoric, odd-looking creature. When you get to see their characters, and you get to see the family bond they have for their mum, it does make you feel like you are watching a close family unit.

In the clip, the Duke feeds a carrot to a rhino called Deborah as he talks about poaching and his fear of rhinos and elephants disappearing forever.

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"People might see them and think it’s a big tank, a big hulk of an animal, with a big horn, but they are incredibly vulnerable.

"They have brilliant eyesight and people will take advantage of that and they want this horn, which is affectively nail, and that is all it is, it’s fingernail.

He pats the rhino from and adds: "This is where the horn belongs, on a live rhino and that’s where it should stay."

The documentary charts his journey from being passionate about conservation to wanting to play a greater global leadership role on the environment, according to Kensington Palace.

Prince William: A Planet for Us All airs on ITV at 9pm on Monday 5th October.

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