Princess Charlotte ‘knows she is The Spare – just like Harry’ says Royal expert

Young Royal Princess Charlotte might have something in common with her uncle Prince Harry that she probably already hates, a critic has claimed.

The daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton is currently third in line to the throne.

But the seven-year-old sits behind brother Prince George – in the same way Prince Harry fell behind his brother before George, Charlotte and Louis were all born.

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And this, Daniela Elser claims, makes her “The Spare”, and something she is already aware of.

Prince Harry had previously said that he was reluctant to sit on the throne if his time ever came, but would have “carried out our duties at the right time”.

But for him, the right time would have had to have come in the most extraordinary and sad circumstances.

And now that similar situation has been passed down to Princess Charlotte.

Writing for, Elser said: “That’s a bleak lesson that Princess Charlotte of Wales would seem to already be coming to grips with. The little girl might only be seven, but at a time when her classmates are busy daydreaming about being astronauts or racing car drivers or TikTok influencers with lucrative Louis Vuitton sponsorships, Charlotte already knows exactly what her future holds – She is The Spare.

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“A new book by long-time royal reporter Katie Nicholl has revealed that by the time the princess was only six, the young princess was already 'aware of the order of succession and knew that like her uncle Harry she is now the spare'.

“Just think about that for a minute, at the age of only six, a child already knowing that her life is defined and limited by she is not and will never be.

“There is something so profoundly sad about a kid in year one, who should be able to, eyes-wide, look at the world as full of wonder and possibility but instead is already painfully aware of her second-class status.”

The Daily Star has reached out to Clarence House for a comment.

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