Putin facing dissent among top military figures over ‘serious errors’ in war

Russian president Vladimir Putin is said to be facing serious dissent from top military leaders and FSB agents over his "serious errors" in the war against Ukraine.

Senior figures from both groups have become strongly critical of Putin over his handling of the war in Ukraine amid a vicious blame game in Moscow.

The siloviki, or security bloc, made up of the military's top brass has claimed that the failure to invade Kyiv and the scaling back of Russian forces was a "serious error" on Putin's part.

The disarray of military officials come at the same time as looming questions over the health of the Russian President, with a recent theory suggesting Putin did not attend an Orthodox service because of health concerns.

New pressure from military brass has seen Putin fail to deal with irate Russian commentators, with one cheerleader for the siloviki bloc, RT editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan, hitting out at Britain for supplying Ukraine with weapons.

She said: "The Anglo-Saxons are publicly suggesting that Ukraine should transfer the fighting to Russian territory. And supplying it with the means to carry out this plan.

"What choice do you leave us, idiots? The complete annihiliation of the remaining Ukraine? A nuclear strike?"

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A former Russian Spetznas officer, Alexander Arutyunov, went viral after saying Russian forces should: "Strike them all over, completely destroy all their aerodromes. Turn them into moon craters… If I understand it, why don't your top guys get it? This is beyond me."

A report from investigative journalists Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan claimed that Russia's military believes that "limiting the war's initial goals is a serious error".

The report continued: "They now argue that Russia is not fighting Ukraine, but NATO. In short, the military now demands all-out war, including mobilisation."

Frustrations are now bubbling over with Russia's military officials, with Major General Rustam Minnekayev saying: "Privately, the army, and even the secret services, have been heard to blame not only the Fifth Service of the FSB for misinforming the president, but also the president himself for making a bad call on changing the military strategy."

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