Racegoer rammed piping hot Pukka Pie in woman's face during Ladies Day row in loos leaving her with 'napalm-like burns'

A WOMAN was left with "napalm-like" burns after a racegoer rammed a piping hot Pukka Pie in her face during a Ladies Day row.

Rachel Turner, 37, pushed the scorching pastry into Daniella Richards' face while in the toilets of Newcastle Racecourse in July, 2018.

Turner, from Newcastle, admitted assault and was given a suspended jail sentence on Friday at Newcastle Crown Court.

But Daniella, 29, who still has nightmares about the attack, doesn’t agree justice has been served.

The mum-of-five said: "I'm really angry she wasn't sent to prison.

"I've got a life sentence and for the last two years have been through hell, yet she walks free from court after leaving me scarred for life, both mentally and physically.

"I only had two drinks that night as I had just given birth to my daughter six weeks previously and was breastfeeding.


"I was celebrating my first night out since having my child, I had such a great day but it turned into the worst day of my life.”

Daniella's face was so badly disfigured that her daughter, who suffers with ADHD, had to move to London to live with her gran as she burst into tears every time she saw her mum's face.

She didn't want to leave the house and missed her own godson's christening because she hated the way she looked.

"It's changed my life dramatically," she said.

"I'm now on anti-depressants and undergoing counselling because I've had so many nightmares over it.

"I haven't been out since, I'm too terrified of what is going to happen next time.

"I even avoided the school run because I didn't want the attention and have to explain myself over and over."

Judge Penny Moreland sentenced Turner to nine months imprisonment, suspended  for 12 months, with 200 hours unpaid work.

The judge told her: "You involved yourself in some sort of altercation in the ladies' lavatory, during the course of which you used racially abusive language towards the complainant and then you took her hand.

"She was holding a pie, from which she had removed the top and you pushed her hand towards her face so the pie made contact with her face and it turns out it was extremely hot and has caused her permanent scarring."

Jane Foley, defending Turner, said other people had thrown food during the trouble and added: "It is a highly regrettable incident that has left the defendant feeling a great deal of embarrassment and shame.

"She is very sorry indeed."

But Daniella doesn't believe sorry is enough.

Daniella said: "I still have the scars. Because I'm mixed race you can tell where the marks are, it's ruined my self-worth.

"I've suffered greatly. I still don't know why she decided to do that, or why anyone would do that to another human being."

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