Racy g-strings left on cars alongside naughty notes cause headaches for couples

It was certainly an entertaining surprise for hundreds of drivers who found a G-string coupled with a a flirty note on their car windows.

The saucy note read: "Hey wild thing! You left these at my place last night," which inevitably led to arguments between couples on whether there was some stepping out occurring within the relationship.

The truth, however, isn't as controversial as first thought as Australianlingerie brand Nala were behind the stunt as part of their marketing ploy to bring attention to its launch on Friday (October 28).

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The lingerie was scattered around Bondi, Sydney, and certainly made its mark as many Aussies flocked to Facebook to discuss their surprising find.

One woman who found a pair of the underwear on her vehicle commented in her Bondi group saying: "OMG Did anyone else get these on their car this morning? So funny, marketing genius."

"This could be a headache for a lot of people," one man commented as another added: "I can just imagine my wife's reaction to this".

Believing that the racy G-string actually belonged to a particular person, one woman paid tribute to thy hypothetical individual.

She said: "To think some woman out there right now, is freeballing on the Bondi to Bronte #respect."

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A spokesperson for the lingerie brand confirmed 1,000 pairs of underwear were scattered throughout the suburb, gifting the opportunity for more drivers to get a free pair of knickers.

They added: "Nala is an Australian-based intimate brand like we’ve never seen. Making fashionable, comfortable and inclusive pieces using planet-saving fabrics at an affordable price".

The company is so confident people will love the underwear they offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all first orders.


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