Royal Mail BANS posties from flying England flags during Euro 2020

Royal Mail BANS 100,000 posties from flying England flags during Euro 2020 games – as patriotic postmen slam ‘woke bosses’

  • Royal Mail has banned postal workers from displaying flags during tournament
  • Postal workers said policy means they are unable to show support for the team
  • Royal Mail says any item attached to a van poses potential hazard to motorists 
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Royal Mail has banned postal workers from attaching England flags to their vehicles in support of the team during Euros tournament

Royal Mail has banned 100,000 posties from flying England flags during Euro 2020 – as patriotic postmen blasted bosses for their ‘woke attitude.’

All flags – of England and other countries – are barred from the firm’s 45,000 vans and lorries.

Royal Mail bosses did not deny posties’ claims that mini St George’s flags and stickers are not allowed on walking postmen and women’s letter trolleys.

Delivery staff are furious and said the ban means they cannot show their pride in the Three Lions.

Royal Mail blamed safety reasons, stating it has a general policy in place at all times preventing drivers attaching items to vehicles in case they blow off and become ‘hazards’ to road users.

The organisation declined to confirm if staff could display flags inside depots.

The decision has been slammed by postal workers who have said the ban means they cannot show their support for England. 

A postman in south London said: ‘We want to show a bit of patriotism, but the woke attitude means bosses won’t let us fly flags now.

‘We used to be allowed to put up flags, especially on vans.’

A Royal Mail van driver in south London said: ‘The company says we can’t show our support for England due to health and safety.

‘Lots of us used to decorate vans with flags, or stickers making a St George’s Cross.’

Another south London postie said: ‘We used to enjoy putting up flags, but we’re not allowed now, even on trolleys.’

Royal Mail said anything attached temporarily to a van poses a potential hazard to motorists

The Royal Society of St George’s blasted Royal Mail’s flag ban.

A spokesperson for the group, which promotes ‘Englishness,’ said: ‘We should be proud of our country and we would encourage people to fly flags to show their support for our football team.

‘There’s no problem displaying flags from vehicles. The flags just need to be attached properly.’

A Royal Mail spokesperson said: ‘Royal Mail oversees a policy which prohibits temporary fixtures being attached to vehicles as they can obscure the driver’s view.

‘Such items can also pose a potential hazard to other road users if they are lost when the vehicle is moving. Road safety for our drivers and other road users is our top priority.

It comes after a family was ordered to remove England flag bunting for the Euros as it poses a fire risk.

Father of four Simon Paul says his children were in tears after Southwark Council said the patriotic St George’s balcony display must be taken down.

He told the Southwark News: ‘I’ve never had any letters like this before. They’re tiny and only from a pound shop as I couldn’t find any bigger ones so I can’t see how they can be a fire hazard.

Meanwhile in London, Southwark Council has told father Simon Paul and his family they must remove their England flag bunting for the Euros as it poses a fire risk (file photo)

‘I think it’s disgusting really, and so horrible as my kids have been crying over it and are really excited about the Euros.’

Mr Paul has lived on the estate in Camberwell, south London for a decade with partner Cassandra Fairweather and his four children – two of whom are disabled and attend a special school.

They usually put a similar display up for Halloween, Christmas and other sporting events without complaint.

And as Mr Paul helps his family drape the famous Kirby Estate down the road in Bermondsey with England flags, he has been left asking ‘why is there one rule for the Kirby and another for us?’.

The Millwall fan continued: ‘I have family on Kirby Estate and sometimes I’ve even helped put their flags up.

‘And I’m not even allowed to have six little ones above my head, it doesn’t make sense.

‘We have been through so much over the last year so let’s celebrate.

‘You can’t have one rule for one and other for us – let’s have one rule for all.’

When asked why Mr Paul’s flags must be taken down while the Kirby Estate’s remain, Councillor Stephanie Cryan told the Southwark News: ‘We hate to spoil anyone’s fun and the football is such a great, positive occasion for everyone but we cannot compromise on fire safety – residents’ safety is the most important thing for us to consider.

‘The fire risk assessment is unique to each building which means the advice is different in each case.

‘In this building, it’s not safe to block, or partially obstruct the balconies as they provide an escape route during a fire.’

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