‘Same as chasing away flies’ Taiwan sounds alarm as China ramps up Air Force incursions

Taiwanese Radio Enthusiast compares Chinese warplanes to flies

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The former Taiwanese navy radar operator described the Taiwan military’s attempt to warn off Chinese warplanes that enter Taiwanese airspace as “chasing away flies”. The claim came after China sent 30 fighter jets into Taiwan’s air defence zone. The incursion was the biggest since January when Beijing had sent over 39 aircraft into Taiwanese airspace.

Mr Hsu spends his days monitoring Taiwanese airspace for Chinese incursion, publishing the air traffic recordings online with the purpose to raise awareness among the public.

Speaking to DW News, he explained: “While eating a plate of meat on the table there are flies flying back and forth.

“But all you can do is wave them away.

“We can’t smash them and kill them on our own table.

“It’s the same principle here.

“When our military is chasing away the Communist military, it’s the same as chasing away flies.”

Mr Hsu also constantly monitors missile test launches.

The aim behind his monitoring activity is to boost the island’s defensive capabilities, he said.

The claims from Mr Hsu follow the alarm sent by Taiwan on Monday that China had entered its air defence zone with 30 warplanes.

Following the incursion, Taiwan’s Defence Ministry responded by putting the air defuse missile system on alert and issuing radio warnings.

The incursion came days after US President Joe Biden announced that US would intervene and defend Taiwan in the scenario China attempted to take Taiwan by force, signalling a possible change in the One-China policy which governs US-China relations

According to the policy, US acknowledges China’s position that Taiwan is part of China.

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The US, however, has never officially recognised Beijing’s claim to the self-governing island.

In light of the comments from President Biden, China immediately expressed its “strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition” to what said by the US President and urged the US “to stop saying or doing anything in violation of the One China principle”.

Besides Mr Biden’s claim, on yesterday’s visit to Taiwan, US Senator Tammy Duckworth reiterated the US support for Taiwan amid rising Chinese threats.

Speaking to Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-we, the US Senator emphasised the “US support for Taiwan security”.

She added: “I do want to say that it is more than just about military. It is also about the economy”.

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