Shark horror: Terrifying moment huge hammerhead rips apart victim in brutal attack

A wildlife photographer captured the brutal attack on camera last weekend. Michael Patrick O’Neill was using a drone to record a video of the annual Blacktip shark migration when he caught a massive Goliath Grouper fish being attacked by a Hammerhead shark.

The Hammerhead usually feeds on smaller sharks like the Blacktip but instead he decided to attack the Grouper.

Mr O’Neill said: “I had a hunch something cool was going to happen.”

Mr O’Neill explained the Hammerhead was stalking the Blacktips but decided to leave the group and stalk the Grouper.

He continued: “I saw him zeroing in on the Grouper.”

Mr O’Neill said the Grouper was around 200 to 300 pounds heavy, and is normally found on the ocean floor.

However, the Grouper was likely caught by fishermen who brought the fish to the surface too quickly.

Gases in the Grouper’s stomach expands causing it to bloat and float on the surface, making them the perfect meal for predators.

Mr O’Neill said: “Responsible anglers have a duty to vent the fish, and by venting it I mean poling a hoke with sharp object to allow gas in its belly to escape, and that allows the grouper to swim back down.

“If you don’t get rid of that gas, the fish is paralysed on the surface.”

The shark then continually and relentlessly attacked the Grouper before killing it.

Reportedly the brutal attack lasted for 30 minutes.

“What that shark really needed was help from another shark,” said O’Neill.

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“The hammerhead was having a hard time.”

The Goliath Grouper is a protected species in Florida.

It comes as a Great White shark and a diver were locked in a near-death battle after the beast charged at him in a terrifying moment.

The diver was just inches from death and came eye to eye with the Great white after it charged at him.

The incredible battle played out in calm waters off Rottnest Island in Australia on Sunday afternoon after the 12-foot beast smelt blood.

The diver had just managed to spear a fish and was clutching it in his hands when he spotted the shark.

The men aimed their fishing guns at the Great white as it circled closer to the two friends and tried to charge at them.

One of the divers said he was sure of the shark’s threat when its tail fin broke the surface of the water.

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