Shop owner shoots dead three robbers inside Brazil clothes store

Shop owner shoots dead THREE robbers after fearlessly facing down gun-wielding crook as the gang tried to rob his clothes store in Brazil

  • Three men attempted to rob a clothes shop near Sao Paulo, Brazil, on October 7 
  • CCTV captured one holding the shopkeeper at gunpoint while others browsed
  • The shopkeeper pulled out his own handgun before opening fire on the men 
  • Two died in the store while a third crawled away, but later died of his injuries 

This is the moment a fearless Brazilian shopkeeper shot and killed three robbers who held him up at gunpoint inside his own store. 

The botched robbery took place in the city of Sorocaba, 50 miles outside Sao Paulo, Brazil, on October 7. 

Police said a trio of robbers entered the clothing store around 11am and pretended to browse – even striking up a conversation with the owner, who has not been named.

Three robbers held up a clothing shop owner inside his shop in the city of Sorocaba, 50 miles outside Sao Paulo, on October 7 (pictured top right, the gunman and the store owner)

But the fearless owner was caught on CCTV advancing on the robbers, causing them to back away from the counter towards the exit

But at some point one of the men pulled out a handgun and demanded that the owner hand over the contents of the till.

CCTV shows how the owner calmly walked out from behind the counter, causing the thieves to back away, before pulling out his own handgun from his waistband.

As he goes to grab the weapon, one of the thieves opens fire, shattering a display case just over the man’s left shoulder.

The store owner then fires several bullets, which struck all three of the men as they were attempting to flee.

Footage shows the owner drop his aim and fire again, seemingly shooting the wounded robbers as they lay on the floor.

He then kicks the gun out of the attacker’s hand and picks it up, before firing several more rounds at a target on the floor.

The owner then reaches into his waistband and pulls out a revolver, before opening fire on all three men as they attempt to flee

One robber fires a single shot at the owner, shattering a display case over his left shoulder (pictured to the right), before the owner fires multiple shots in response

The owner can then be seen kicking the gun out of the robber’s hand and picking it up, before firing several shots as the men lay on the floor

Police said two of the attackers died inside the store, while a third was wounded and managed to crawl down the street.

Paramedics arrived a short time later, but were unable to save the third man and he died of his injuries.

Investigators say the store owner took the weapons and fled, but they were able to work out what had happened by reviewing the CCTV footage.

They also spoke with a store clerk, who could be see sheltering behind the counter moments before gunshots started ringing out.

Officers say the owner has since been in contact with them, and has offered to clarify his own version of events.

The case has been registered as an attempted robbery followed by a homicide, and investigations are still underway.

Police have not said whether the store owner will be charged.  

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