Sisters from ‘House of Horrors’ describe beatings and starvation by parents

Two sisters have spoken out about the horrors they went through in the Turpin family household at the hands of their parents in the US.

Jennifer and Jordan Turpin have revealed they were beaten and starved by their parents David and Louise.

The Turpin family had 13 children in total with Jennifer, 33, the oldest of the group,

Jordan, who was six at the time, told ABC that she “would have to figure out how to eat”.

She said: “I would either eat ketchup or mustard and ice”.

Jennifer Turpin said the children were not allowed to go to school and lived in constant fear of being assaulted by their parents.

She said the punishments could be for the smallest things such as going into their mother’s room and seeing a child thrown down the stairs.

Her father would also use belts and sticks and would beat them until he saw blood.

Their parents would quote the Bible to justify the beatings they gave to their children.

In the interview, Jordan said: “I knew he [was] saying that I was the devil.

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“I’m just looking at him like, ‘what did I do?’”

The sisters revealed they were banned from venturing outside as their parents began to shackle some of the children to their beds.

In January 2018, Jordan heard her parents say they were planning to move to Oklahoma, according to the New York Post.

Feeling it was now or never moment, she escaped through a window and called 911.

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Her parents were taken into custody within two hours of the call.

Jordan revealed that she secretly watched movies on her mobile phone of Justin Bieber and credits the popstar with helping to save her life.

She revealed that when she once got caught watching the singer, her mother choked her.

Jordan said: “I thought I was going to die that day.

“After that whole day happened, I kept having nightmares that she was going to kill me.”

David and Louise were sentenced to 25 years to live for the horrors they put their children through.

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