Students warned not to join TikTok trend that defaces school property

Students are warned NOT to take part in new ‘devious licks’ TikTok trend that rip drinking fountains, water heaters and URINALS off school walls as kids head back to class nationwide after COVID shutdowns

  • School districts have issued warning for students to avoid the ‘devious licks’ TikTok challenge which asks kids to steal or destroying school property
  • School officials are reporting damages to their bathrooms as kids film themselves stealing mirrors, soap dispensers, urinals and even sinks
  • The video have more than 235 million views  collectively on TikTok
  • One California school has even set up an anonymous tip site for students and parents to report those taking part in the viral trend 

Students across the US have been warned not to take part in the new ‘devious licks’ TikTok trend that challenges kids to rip school fixtures off walls. 

The viral trend, which has seen more than 235 million views throughout the platform, has left bathrooms particularly destroyed as schools reported broken light fixtures, water heaters, soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, mirrors and even urinals ripped off their walls. 

Other students have posted videos of them stealing cameras, janitorial equipment, water fountains and have even tampered with their school’s water heaters. 

It all comes as thousands of student returned to school in September amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Students are taking part in a nationwide TikTok challenge to post daring thefts and vandalism

One student bragged about winning the challenge as he posed himself stealing his school’s water heater as part of the #deviouslicks

A student walked the halls of his school while carrying a stolen bathroom door

Another student bragged about stealing a school lizard during the first days of classes

Bathrooms have been a big target for the challenge as students try to one-up each other

Aubrey Chancellor, the executive director of communication at the North East Independent School District in San Antonio Texas, told Fox News that the district has been a victim of the challenge. 

‘It’s important for students to understand what they see on social media is not always a good idea in reality,’ Chancellor said. 

‘The students involved face disciplinary action and are expected to pay restitution as well. If possible, charges may be filed as well.’ 

Dr. Toni Zetzsche – the principal of River Ridge High School, in New Port Richer, Florida – confirmed that his school had also seen its property destroyed over the trend. He sent out a warning letter to her students on Monday. 

‘As a principal, I cannot fathom why students would want to destroy their own school (or any place really). This is something that has been happening at many others schools and I am disheartened that RRHS has been targeted several times today.’ 

‘We will investigate every single video, we will monitor and use social media footage to catch the students responsible and we will ask for law enforcement intervention in every situation while also providing school discipline at the maximum level allowed.’

Gulf Coast High School, in Florida, saw one of it’s urinals go missing in the bathroom

The soap dispensers were also ripped out of place as students posted their ‘devious licks’

Another student posted a damaged soap dispenser for the challenge

Officials at the Gulf Coast High School, pictured, reported damages to most of its bathrooms

The Gulf Coast High School, another school in Florida, reported that most of its bathrooms were closed due to the rampage caused by the viral trend, according to NBC 2. 

Students at the school had been allegedly stealing everything from the bathrooms, from soap dispensers to urinals to even an entire sink. 

‘I just think that it’s a little bit ridiculous,’ Raegan Heffelfinger, a senior at Gulf Coast High, told NBC 2. ‘When you have to go all the way around to a different bathroom it just makes it a little bit harder on you.’ 

Officials at the Coachella Valley Unified School District, in Thermal, California has even gone as far as creating a website portal for students and parents to report ‘devious licks’ violations anonymously, the Desert Sun reports. 

‘These types of violations are subject to disciplinary action and may be subject to legal guardians and parents having to pay restitution due to property damages’ the district wrote in a letter sent out to residents.  

This TikTok user warned students to avoid the trend after being suspended for three days

One student boasted about his left of one of his school’s fire alarms

One TikTok user claimed that they had been suspended for three days and was assigned to five hours of community service after being caught throwing soap into the toilets as part of the ‘devious licks’ challenge.

‘I can’t even use the restrooms at my school till December because of this stupid trend,’ the TikTok user said. 

TikTok has blocked the hashtag #deviouslicks from its platform and no results are available when users search the phrase, however, videos can still be found through the related hashtag #devious. 

While TikTok has yet to address the new trend, it said it ‘removes content that promotes or enables criminal activities.’ This includes ‘content that provides instructions on how to conduct criminal activities.’  

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