Teacher charged with murder after 'killing & EATING lover' as cops found chemicals to dissolve human flesh in flat

A SCHOOLTEACHER who killed and ate his lover has been charged with murder after chemicals to dissolve human flesh were found in his flat.

Horrified cops discovered lye and caustic soda as well as tools such as knives and saws after raiding the apartment of Stefan R in Berlin, Germany.

The teacher was arrested in November last year after police found  "completely meatless" bones with "bite marks" in a park near his home in Pankow, thanks to sniffer dogs.

Detectives also found knives, a bone cutter saw used by surgeons, an empty wheelbarrow and a cooler in Stefan's apartment.

Police believe that he met his alleged victim, Stefan Trogisch, a 44-year-old power line technician, on an online dating site.

Trogisch had been reported missing by his flatmates in early September 2020 after leaving his apartment shortly before midnight and never returning. 

A walker stumbled across the skeletal remains in a park in Buch on November 8.

After the bones were found sniffer dogs led detectives to Stefan R's apartment in the Pankow neighbourhood.

Traces of the alleged victim's blood were also found at the apartment.

Police are said to have obtained messages between the alleged killer and victim on a dating website called Planet Romeo leading police to believe that they agreed to meet. 

Investigations revealed Stefan R had browsed cannibalism-related terms online.

According to Bild, he had also previously searched whether or not a person could survive after having their penis cut off.

Prosecutors said it was unclear whether the victim had also had an interest in cannibalism. 

The maths and chemistry teacher was detained by police at his home and has been in custody ever since.

It has not been revealed whether a date has been set for the trial.

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