The EIGHT countries where Covid-19 vaccine is mandatory – will Britain be next?

Widow of Covid victim Leslie Lawrenson regrets not getting vaccine

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Vaccine candidates have given the world a dash of hope, as the latest rash of Delta cases have failed to prompt a similar surge of deaths. Some people fear proposals to them mandatory, however, decrying infringement of their civil liberties. But countries with mandatory vaccination have had the fewest Covid cases in the latest Covid wave, granting them long-term security against further restrictions.

Where is the Covid vaccine mandatory?

Most world governments have launched aggressive campaigns to get their residents vaccinated but haven’t made them mandatory yet.

Few countries have forged ahead with the controversial policy, but they have reaped the benefits.

Mandatory vaccination has seen officials introduce punishments for people in professions that work with vulnerable people or risk spreading the disease.

As such, officials have directed most mandatory vaccination policies at health workers.

A few have decided to extend the policy to as many people as they can, however.

The move hasn’t moved popular so far, with people gathering to reject proposals.

Some have mounted court challenges or signed petitions calling for governments to reverse the decision.

The following countries have mandatory vaccination policies for health workers:

  • Italy
  • Greece
  • France
  • Russia
  • Hungary

These countries have made vaccination mandatory for everyone or public sector workers:

  • Indonesia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Turkmenistan

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Ministers in the UK haven’t yet followed other countries in introducing mandatory jabs.

But they have formed a policy to effect as the country nears Autumn.

Government guidance states that care home staff will need completed vaccine courses by November 11.

Ministers published the new guidance yesterday, which applies to anyone working in care homes within the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

CQC inspectors, healthcare professionals, and anyone wiles doing business in a care home will also need their vaccines.

The few exemptions apply to friends and family members of residents.

Residents may also reject the vaccine if they choose, although it will put them at an enhanced risk of severe disease or death.

Emergency services and bereavement support workers can also bypass the mandate.

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