UK Navy evaded Russian subs stalking aircraft as helicopters drive them off

The Royal Navy evaded Russian submarines that were stalking a British aircraft carrier by sending helicopters to drive them away by dropping hunting bouys into water.

HMS Queen Elizabeth, Britain's largest aircraft carrier was being stalked by Kremlin submarines in the waters of the Black Sea, it has emerged.

Upon realising that they were being followed, the Royal Navy scrambled two Merlin Mk2 helicopters to search for the submarine, reports The Daily Telegraph.

The helicopters then dropped sonobuoys into the water, which used sound waves to detect the location of the hidden submarines.

This hunt between the two powerful navies took place merely five days after a standoff between the HMS Defender and Russian forces in the Black Sea.

The Merlin MK2 helicopters are regarded as 'world's most potent hunting helicopter' by the Royal Navy. These powerhouses entered service in 2014 as it updated the original 1990’s Mk1 naval version.

According to former Royal Navy submariner Ryan Ramsey, these helicopters pose a real challenge to submarines. "Submarines aim not to be detected – it stops you completing your tasks," Ryan said to the Daily Telegraph.

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"Evasion in a submarine is really difficult when you're going up against something as capable as Merlin helicopters. The UK has always been really effective at anti-submarine warfare using ships, submarines and aviation."

During their standoff, Moscow's defence ministry claimed that they fired warning shots at the HMS Defender, but this claim was denied by the Royal Navy.

Since being stalked by submarines in the Black sea, the HMS Queen Elizabeth was pictured sailing through the Suez Canal along with her carrier strike group.

This strike group includes two Type 45 destroyers, two Type 23 frigates and two support vessels.

Russian president Vladmir Putin had earlier stated that even they sunk a British ship it wouldn't start a war because the West knows "full well that they can't win in that war".

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