US, EU allies brace for cyber strike as Russia sparks ‘real concern’ of Ukraine invasion

US and EU allies are 'paying attention' to Russia says US officer

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Russia could be poised to launch a large-scale cyber strike on US and EU targets amid concerns over a full-scale war in Eastern Europe. A retired US military official has told Fox News that the US and EU were “paying attention” to the build-up of Russian forces on the border with Ukraine amid fears of an invasion. Retired Lieutenant General Ben Hodges said that prior to taking the offensive, the Kremin would likely look to launch a cyber attack in the opening stages of a conflict.

Mr Hodges told Fox News: “The ability for them to move quickly is there and they’ve got a lot of capability that’s close.

“Of course, our alliance also is well equipped and well trained in the United States Army in Europe and other forces that are there.

“People are paying attention we’re being level-headed doing professional things.

“We’re paying attention and of course, the Russian way award it the first thing that happens if something happens may not be tanks, but it’ll be a cyber strike or maybe turning off the gas.

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“Or something to create more disruption inside Europe.”

The BBC’s Moscow correspondent has raised concerns that any military “miscalculation” between Nato and Russia over Poland or Ukraine could spark a deadly conflict.

Steve Rosenburg argued that neither Vladimir Putin nor Nato are eager for an all-out war.

But he went on to warn that amid escalating tensions and hostile rhetoric mistakes could lead to a wider conflict in Europe.

Russia fears: Poland and Ukraine could sparker wider conflict

Mr Rosenburg told the Today Programme: “It’s unclear what is happening, certainly, the US administration believes it has information that is worrying and that suggests to them that there could be some plan of Russian military military activity.

“The Russians deny that completely, and of course, you’ve mentioned the possibility of the danger of a conflict breaking out here over that the situation with Belarus and the EU.

“We shouldn’t exaggerate the dangers, I think, we have seen images of Russian and Belarusian paratroopers in joint exercises, not far from the Belarusian Polish border.

“We’ve seen images of Russian strategic bombers taking to the skies over Belarus.”

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He added: “I don’t think Russia wants to go to war with the West over this migrant crisis.

“But there is no room for complacency and there is a danger.

“Because such is the level now I think of anti-NATO anti-Western rhetoric emanating from Moscow and from Minsk, and such as the scale of suspicion in the West, I think of Russia’s intentions, whether we’re talking Belarus or Ukraine, that there is always the danger of misinterpretation of miscalculation.

“Of mistakes on both sides.

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