Warning as Russia’s blockade to increase starvation as UN warns ‘famine will get worse’

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Russia’s blockade has prevented the port of Odesa, which is located on Ukraine’s Black Sea coast, from exporting tens of thousands of tonnes of grain. According to Sky News, the elevators instead currently stand idle and one vessel, which is loaded with 60,000 tonnes of grain, remains moored up despite being bound for Egypt.

The Russian blockade has also seen as much as a quarter of a million tonnes be left sitting in Odesa for months with no means of getting it out to sea.

The World Food Programme (WFP) has claimed the Kremlin’s blockade of Ukraine will worsen starvation, famine and instability around the world if it cannot be lifted.

Matthew Hollingworth, WFP’s emergency coordinator for Ukraine, said: “There’s no question it’s going to mean areas of starvation in the world are going to get worse.

“That famine will get worse.

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“And we’re in a situation where the world’s economies are only partially getting better from COVID-19 and this situation is going to tip many countries over the edge.”

Sky News claimed the WFP also called Ukraine the breadbasket of the world.

However, Ukraine’s well-known for its rich and fertile land.

Its harvest in 2021 fed an extraordinary 400million people and allowed Ukraine to export 70 percent of its crops.

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Even if the European Union opted to open up its land borders to Ukrainian grain, just two million tonnes at the most could be exported a month.

Spain has decided to switch from Ukrainian grain imports to those coming from Latin America.

But Sky News claimed that between five and seven million tonnes need to get out of the country.

Kyiv has called on NATO to take action to escort cargo ships through the blockade or be given weapons to let it attack Vladimir Putin’s navy.

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There are concerns this would risk confrontation between the defence bloc and Russia.

However, it could alternatively lead to global instability, civil unrest and even revolution or war.

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