"What is the blackout challenge? TikTok's dangerous new trend"

TIKTOK has been forced to condemn a new dangerous online trend that has emerged across it’s online platform.  

The life-threatening task is known as the ‘black out challenge’ and has potentially fatal results. Here's the latest.

What is the TikTok blackout challenge?

The ‘blackout challenge’ is an online trend that encourages users to choke themselves until the point of losing consciousness, while uploading the results to Tik Tok.

The dangerous online challenge has existed before and has previously been known as the “Pass Out Challenge,” "The Game of Choking", "Speed Dreaming" or "The Fainting Game."

It is believed that millions of videos of people attempting the life-threatening task challenge on platforms such as YouTube today.

Many medical professionals have since warned that the trend can lead to fainting, brain damage, seizures and even death.

In July 2021, a 12 year-old boy died after reportedly attempting the viral TikTok tiktik challenge.

It was reported that the boy was found “unresponsive" with “ligature marks” around his neck in an Oklahoma apartment.

It followed the tragic death of a 10-year-girl who attempted the challenge in Italy in January 2021.

At the time, TikTok condemned the "challenge" as they suggested that parents should keep tabs on their children’s online behaviour.

"Social media is a very influential part of a child’s life and should be heavily scrutinized by parents," it told Newsweek.

“We do not allow content that encourages, promotes, or glorifies dangerous behavior that might lead to injury, and our teams work diligently to identify and remove content that violates our policies."

How can I report the blackout challenge?

TikTok has urged its users to report people that are participating in the challenge in the hope it will stop it spreading online.

Any user concerned by something they see, can click the white arrow on the right-hand side of the video then hitting "Report".

There you can then select the category "Suicide, Self-harm and Dangerous Acts".

Furthermore, if you see anybody taking part in the challenge, or if anyone encourages you to take part, please report the account immediately and do not reply.

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