Who is Daphne Westbrook, and how long was she missing?

AN 18-YEAR-old Tennessee teenager was found safe nearly two years after going missing.

On Friday, May 28, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation tweeted that missing teen Daphne Westbrook was found in Samson, Alabama.

Who is Daphne Westbrook and how long was she missing?

Westbrook was 16-years-old when she suddenly vanished in October 2019 after she never returned home from a weekend with her father.

Nearly two years later, John Westbrook, the victim's father, was indicted on charges of aggravated kidnapping.

Investigators believe the now 18-year-old victim was "held against her will" by her father.

“We are thankful Daphne is safe and no longer being held by her father.

"It is especially gratifying to be able to tell her mom that Daphne is free and no longer being hidden,” prosecutors said in a statement after she was located.

Investigators didn’t release details about the Westbrook's condition or how she was located.

Has her father been arrested?

Law enforcement officials are still searching for her John, 42.

The 43-year-old did not have legal custody rights and allegedly abducted Westbrook in October 2019 from Chattanooga, Tennessee, authorities said.

John is described as a white male and appears to have long blonde hair and a ginger beard in a photo provided by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations.

Authorities believe that John may have traveled to the western part of the country but has known contacts in Colorado, New Mexico, California and Washington.

He is wanted on multiple charges including aggravated kidnapping.

Investigators describe John at the time as an "IT expert" who specializes in blockchain technology, security and Bitcoin.

"He is communicating in a way that’s almost impossible to trace, which makes it extremely difficult for investigators to generate significant leads in this case," officials said.

Police believed at the time that he was making money doing computer work for small businesses.

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