Who is Gretchen Whitmer's husband Dr. Marc Mallory?

GRETCHEN Whitmer is an American politician serving as the 49th Governor of Michigan.

But who is her husband and what does he do? Here is everything you need to know…

Who is Gretchen Whitmer's husband Dr Marc Mallory?

Dr. Marc Mallory is Gretchen Whitmer's husband and Michigan's first gentleman.

While at university he studied zoology but changed careers and earned his Foctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Michigan's Dental School.

He opened up his practice in Lansing in 1986 and he maintains it to this day.

When did Whitmer and Dr Mallory get married?

Whitmer and Dr. Mallory got married in 2011 following the Governor's divorce to her first husband Gary Shrewsbury.

The couple live together about six miles from the Michigan capital.

Do they have any children together?

They have no children together.

However, Whitmer shares two children with her first husband, Sydney and Sherry Shrewsbury, while Dr. Mallory has three sons from his previous marriage.

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