Woman, 29, marries pensioner, 80, who is 51 YEARS OLDER than her – & says there's 'nothing disgusting' about their love

A WOMAN who married a pensioner 51 years her senior has said there is "nothing disgusting" about their love.

Terzel Rasmus, 29, from Cape Town, South Africa, married 80-year-old Wilson Rasmus in 2017, describing their romance as "raw and beautiful".

The pair met at a local newspaper event in 2016 while Terzel was working as a journalist.

The 29-year-old, who is now studying law, said she and her husband shared a mutual attraction and began dating immediately.

Although Wilson's children are 30 years older than Terzel, the couple's families support their relationship, which makes both Wilson and Terzel equally happy.

Terzel said: "My parents love Wilson and my father was impressed with what he could offer me as a partner and always wanted me to be with a man who is level-headed and could look after me.

"Wilson's daughters were welcoming and warm towards me and treated me on equal grounds, despite me being half their age.

"They know their father is happy and not alone anymore – that is all that should matter in the end."

She added that she and Wilson are not planning to have kids of their own but "if we have a happy accident, then so be it".

"When it comes to sex," Terzel said, "Wilson is a very attentive lover and always pleases me when we are intimate."

She added: "Young men tend to be very selfish when it comes to good sexual health and I am grateful to have my husband.

"We love each other the same as other people love their partners – there is nothing disgusting about it."

Terzel said she immediately felt at home with Wilson, who is 24 years older than her mum, and said there was a "definite spark" between them.

Her mum and late dad gave the relationship their approval and Terzel married Wilson in a small ceremony in 2017 – with Wilson's 56-year-old daughter their witness.

The couple now live together with Wilson financially supporting Terzel's studies, the Mail Online reports.

"This is my first long-term relationship and I never considered being in a serious relationship until I met Wilson," she said.

"Three months after we met, I knew I wanted to marry him."

And rather than being put off by their vast age gap, the two believe they complement each other.

"Wilson's experience in life helps greatly," Terzel said.

"When my father died, my husband was able to help me with arrangements and guide me in the process of what usually happens after death.

"He also helps by giving advice on big decisions regarding my future and I'm able to go to him and get his advice when I am unsure about something.

"I can rely on him for anything – all I have to do is ask – and he supports me financially, especially helping me pay for my studies."

Meanwhile, Wilson said his marriage has kept him "healthy and vibrant".

The 81-year-old said: "To marry a younger person is better than to marry someone more or less my age, because we will both be old together and that does not help me as the older person.

"I like the fact that Terzel will be there to look after me in my old age."

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