Woman horrified to find ‘body’ buried on top of her sister’s grave in cemetery

A woman was left devastated when she visited her sister's grave to find a "body" being buried on top of the site.

Jessica Tawil and her father went to a cemetery to visit her sister and noticed a pile of fresh soil had been dumped in front of the tombstone.

She wrote on TikTok: "I'm at a complete loss for words right now."

Showing the mess at her sister's grave, Jess fumes: "I find that there is a body buried on top of my sister, I can't."

The pair then asked for the staff at the cemetery, who responded: "Every grave is different. Some people buy it from the cemetery, some people buy it from the mosque. It's all different."

Jess's father can be heard telling them: "Well we bought it from you. I own this one.

"How come you got money from someone to bury above my daughter?"

Jess gave more details in the overlay text as she explained that the only way for someone to be buried on top of her sister's grave is by "paying for a plot".

The family paid $12,000 (£8,800) for the plot 14 years ago and she claimed the cemetery denied that they had accepted another payment for the burial.

"We didn't authorise them to do this. We own the plot of land that she is buried on," she wrote.

The two workers asked Jess and her father to discuss the issues in their office.

Jess later added: "They have absolutely no idea who is buried on top of her. They were beyond unprofessional and provided us with no answers."

Her latest video, which was posted on Tuesday (October 12), showed the "body" was removed but her sister's site was left with broken tiles.

"So we just came back and everything's gone," Jess says.

"Her tiles aren't under there. They tried to flatten everything out. I don't know if that person is under there, I'm not understanding."

Many suggested Jess and her family get a lawyer and sue the cemetery for violating the contract while others said they should also get the police involved for vandalism.

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