Woman’s horror wasp infestation as insects colonise her window

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A worried woman has turned to the internet for pest control advice after her house was struck by a terrifying wasp infestation.

Jessyane Gloria Shields, from Lismore, New South Wales, Australia, shared unsettling snaps of creepy-looking nests at her home on a local community Facebook page, in the hope of finding out how to get rid of them.

In the pictures, four long strands of a black nest can be seen dangling from directly outside of her window, with the stinging insects appearing to be crawling around them.

Pleading to neighbours on the Lismore Information Exchange, she wrote: “How do I get rid of wasps ? An exterminator? “Help.”

Lismore residents were quick to come to her aid on how to end her pest problem — and there were some creative solutions proposed.

A few users advocated destroying the nests by setting them on fire, with one commenting: “Deodorant and lighter usually does the trick.”

The idea proved popular, and one man offered some tactics for Ms Shields, writing: "Wait till dark, get a sheet of newspaper, roll it up nice and long and burn them.”

However, it was back to the drawing board when Ms Shields revealed that the nest is too high up for her to reach and set alight.

“They‘re on a second-floor window that I can’t reach,” she said.

A member then leapt to the defence of the wasp colony, arguing that she should leave them alone and let them live.

They questioned: “If they are on a second-floor window & not worrying anyone hanging around on the window ledge — why would you kill them??”

Earlier this month, a pest controller was shocked after he found a huge wasps nest that stood at a whopping 3 ft tall.

Ralph Clews was at a job in Rugby when he came across the spectacle, which he says was home to 100,000 wasps.

The British Pest Control Association says that wasps should only be treated if they pose a risk to public health and safety.

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