Woman's waters break all over dashboard as she gives birth en route to hospital


Astonishing video footage captures a screaming woman’s waters break all over a car dashboard as she gives birth en route to the hospital.

Rudia Napier shouted: ‘Mike, the baby’s coming out!’ as she went into labor two weeks early while being driven by her husband Mike Addison to hospital in Nevada on May 25.

And just moments after her bodily fluids squirted over the dashboard of the family’s Infiniti, Rudy gave birth to a healthy baby girl, and carefully lifted her up onto her chest.

The mother is overcome with emotion as she asks the newborn infant to breathe, then says ‘She’s so pretty’ as the youngster opens her eyes for the first time.

Rudia just has time to introduce the infant to her stunned siblings as Mike pulls the car into their local emergency room.

The incredible moment was captured from the back seat by the couple’s 10 year-old son Jayden.

And the drama was a little too much for the Addisons’ two older daughters, who were seen crying in the back seat as their mother screamed.

Michael Addison says his newly-named daughter Jolee Laverne’s arrival was a ‘beautiful nightmare.’

He said:’That was the most intense situation I’ve ever been in.’

‘Six hours later I watched the video, I’m like oh wow. He recorded the whole thing and it was the perfect PG-13 angle.’

Jayden added: ‘(It was) crazy honestly. I would say I was surprised cause we were just in back seat. I was recording and I guess he forgot I had the phone.’

Rudia and baby Jolie were taken into the hospital for examination afterwards.

Both mother and baby are now back at home – and Mike is now hoping to buy a new bigger car to accommodate his newly-enlarged family.

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