Women branded police officer ‘poor’ and told her to ‘talk to rich people nicely’

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Two women in Singapore have been fined for insulting a police officer who tried to issue them with a summons for smoking outside a designated area.

Koh Lee Yen, 50, and Chee Kam Fah, 49, who are shareholders and directors of a jewellery retailer, were each fined $3,000 yesterday, September 8, after pleading guilty to one count of using insulting words against a public service worker.

According to the Strait Times, the court heard that the incident took place on September 21 last year, outside Lucky Plaza shopping mall.

Asyikah Suri Kamsari was on duty in the area, along with her colleague, and was authorised to carry out enforcement action against public health offenders.

She spotted the two women smoking outside the designated area and approached them asking for their personal details in order to issue them with a summons.

As she was taking down their details, the pair started verbally abusing her, saying: "Your salary how much, $1,000 only one month I think" and "crazy girl, better go back and hug your pillow and cry, your salary not enough for me to buy a pillow".

Chee also reportedly swore at the officer, while Koh scolded her in Mandarin and Cantonese.

She then waved a $1,000 note at Asyikah, as Koh said, "you should just shut up and take the money".

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State Prosecutor, Nasri Haron, referred to the abuse as prolonged and "calculated to insult and degrade".

He added: "The victim was merely doing her job," urging the court to impose a fine of between $3,000 and $4,000 on each woman.

Both women argued that they were stressed at the time, with Koh stating that she was upset as she had seen the officer let two men go despite catching them for a similar act of smoking outside a designated area.

The judge said being stressed was not an excuse and fined the duo, who could have also faced up to a year in prison for their offence.

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