‘Charlie’s Angels’ gets wings clipped at box office, pulling in a mere $8.6M

Charlie’s Angels, the third feature-length instalment of the classic spy comedy series, was released across North America on Friday, Nov. 15.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Elizabeth Banks-directed flick bombed in its first weekend and earned US$8.6 million at nearly 3,500 theatres across the continent.

It opened beside James Mangold’s sports-fuelled biopic, Ford v Ferrari, which pulled in more than $31 million within North America and $52.4 million worldwide.

In partnership with Perfect World Pictures and 2.0 Entertainment, Sony Pictures and Banks, 45, were working with a $48-million budget before marketing costs, meaning the film companies could each lose a sizable amount in finances as a result of the poor showing.

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Life in 1990 – the last time the Winnipeg Blue Bombers won the Grey Cup

The last time the Winnipeg Blue Bombers held the Grey Cup in their hands was Nov. 25, 1990 when they beat the Edmonton Eskimos.

Nearly three decades later, the team has another shot when they take on the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in the 2019 Grey Cup final Sunday.

A lot has changed since the last time the Blue and Gold won the cup.

For starters, the World Wide Web was just being proposed, the Berlin Wall came down and the Hubble Telescope was launched into space.

In Winnipeg, the average home cost $85,018 — now those prices have soared to $324,312 today.

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Woman, 84, dies after Rivière-des-Prairies fire

An 84-year-old woman has died after a fire broke out Monday in a residence in Rivière-des-Prairies.

The Montreal fire department entered the home on Sylvain Garneau Street shortly after noon to find the woman unconscious.

Montreal police spokesperson Manuel Couture said firefighters attempted to resuscitate her before she was taken to hospital.

The woman’s death was confirmed at the hospital. An autopsy has been ordered into her death.

The investigation has been transferred to the police department’s arson squad.

The cause of the fire remains unknown, according to Couture.


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People lined up to buy last few bottles of Chicken Bones Liquor in New Brunswick

A small distillery infused 1400 pounds of Ganong’s infamous chicken bones into its liquor, and New Brunswickers lined up for hours at liquor stores over the weekend to get it.

“I am not even much of a drinker but when I heard about this I wanted some,” said Dawn Halborsen of Rothesay, N.B. who waited for over an hour at the local liquor store on Friday for the last few cases of Chicken Bones Liqueur to arrive so she could buy up three bottles.

“I never imagine this would happen,” said Jeremiah Clark the co-owner of Mooshine Creek Distillery in Waterville, N.B. who partnered with Ganong Bros. to produce the special liqueur.

Chicken Bones Liqueur sold nearly 2500 bottles in 48 hours.

Clark said that so many people from across the country have been clamoring to buy the product, so he had to shut down his online orders.

He says that everyone he meets seems to have a touching story about eating Ganong’s infamous chicken bones during the holidays, which he attributes to his product’s overwhelming popularity.

“It brings back such nostalgia and it is something that New Brunswickers can identify with and connect with and I think that is the whole reason we have seen this sell off the shelves.”

Clark’s distillery was only in business for 16 months before it struck gold – or pink.

While Clark’s first batch of Chicken Bones Liqueur has been sold out, don’t despair. Clark said that Ganong has ramped up chicken bones production so he can pump out 6,000 more bottles before Christmas.

“We know that a lot of people would like to see this in their homes for the holidays,” said Clark.

Given its popularity he hopes it will become a holiday tradition, just like the candies it’s made from.

Chicken bones were first produced at the Ganong Bros. candy factory in St. Stephen, NB back in 1885, said Bryana Ganong, President and CEO of Ganong.

“They were created by Frank Sparhawk one of the candy makers that worked in the company at that time and it certainly has been a family tradition in the Atlantic region every since.”

People outside of the Maritimes might not be overly familiar with chicken bones, but in Atlantic Canada they are a tradition for many families during the holidays says Ganong.

She said that no one knows for sure why Sparhawk called the candy chicken bones. It could be because of its pink candy shell and chocolaty marrow centre.

The company use the same secret recipe and back breaking technique today to produce 7 million chicken bones every holiday season.

“People who love it really love it and people who don’t like it really don’t like it,” she said.

But given the number of people rushing to buy a bottle of Clark’s creation it shows that many love the taste.

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Oklahoma shooting: Aerial footage shows police cordon off Walmart car park after attack

Two people were shot and killed in a gruesome attack in Oklahoma before the perpetrator took his own life, reports claim. According to the local Highway Patrol, the crime happened in Duncan, southwestern Oklahoma in the United States. Local station Sky 5 used its news helicopter to film live scenes of the shocking aftermath as police swooped to the scene.

Live shots show the car park with many vehicles abandoned as witnesses were forced to quickly rush from the scene.

Video footage also shows the area has been marked by yellow police tape for the investigation.

According to an eye-witness who was sat in his car at the time, the two victims were either getting into or out of a car.

The witness then saw another individual approach those two and start opening fire.

The suspect shot his weapon as many as nine times, according to reports, killing both of the victims right next to their vehicle.

But, after being confronted by another person with a weapon, the suspect is believed to have turned the gun on himself to take his own life.

The crime is currently being characterised by the media as a murder-suicide.

The individual who challenged the shooter is thought to have a concealed carry license.

In the US, concealed carry is the legal practice of carrying a weapon in public in a concealed manner, either on one’s person or in close proximity.

Duncan is a town of about 22,000 people, just to the east to military base Fort Sill.

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It is the biggest major town in that portion of the state.

The suspect is reported to have targeted the two individuals specifically, rather than as a random attack.

First responders, police, the fire department and Oklahoma troopers are all on the scene.

A good portion of the parking lot has been shut down. Many cars are not being allowed to leave because of the ongoing investigation.

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‘Everything was ablaze’: Inside the Hong Kong university siege

Two police announcements changed the reckoning – what felt tense inside Hong Kong Polytechnic University became desperate.

First, the deadline. After 10pm on Saturday, no one would be let in or out of the campus, police said.

Those protesters still there had already made their minds to stay. But it meant everyone was waiting for a police assault when the deadline passed.

:: Hong Kong faces ‘unimaginable and dreadful’ future if violence continues, China warns

When none came, they made their way out of the main entrance and made a fierce battle.

They threw some of the hundreds of pre-prepared petrol bombs. Police would later call the university a “weapons factory” and it was an accurate description.

Protesters took a huge amount of tear gas and water cannon in return. Dozens of people were stripped off and hosed down, some lying prone, to sluice away the irritants.

The “frontliners” wear black, covering as much skin as possible from tear gas, then masks, goggles and helmets. So to see bare bodies and identifiable faces stumbling around was strange.

The second announcement came just before midnight; police threatened to use live ammunition. It didn’t have the same everyone-to-battle-stations effect.

People became more nervous. Some we spoke to affirmed their willingness to die. Others said they were scared.

But nothing happened inside. We finished our video edit around 4am, then went to bed down on a classroom floor.

At 5.15am, someone burst into our room and shouted in Cantonese. Our local journalist, Bo Chau, translated: “It’s happening.”

We ran downstairs to find a massive fire raging in front of our building. It boomed as gas canisters went off.

Protesters said the police were coming. They weren’t. But in their panic the occupiers had torched all their defences. Everything was ablaze.

From here, it became clear that there was to be no large-scale resistance.

Now, everyone thought of escape. Some changed into civilian outfits, trying subterfuge.

Others marched out in black, with umbrellas, determined to break their way through. They were routed, their dismal column retreating under a shroud of tear gas.

The rest of it was surprisingly calm, even as protests raged elsewhere in Hong Kong. Inside it felt abandoned, even with several hundred people still there.

There was little food or water at this stage. People wanted to leave, still, and some had already tried to break out, then returned. But the chances of escape were slim.

The siege of Polytechnic University was reaching its end.

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Western Forest Products says contract talks with striking union have stalled

Vancouver-based Western Forest Products has announced that contract talks with the United Steelworkers Union have ended after 14 hours of bargaining on Saturday and Sunday.

Western Forest Products president Don Demens says mediators Vince Ready and Amanda Rogers told the company Sunday that talks were over.

He said the company offered the union a five-year deal with a $2,000 signing bonus and wage hikes of two per cent for the first four years and 2.5 per cent in the fifth year.

The company says it previously dropped pension plan alternatives opposed by the union and has also dropped “all remaining proposals that the union opposed, including modernizing agreements dating back to 1986, which would support future employment.”

Demens says the company asked the union bargaining committee to take the offer to a membership vote, which was rejected, as was a request for binding arbitration.

Nearly 3,000 employees and contracted workers at six Vancouver Island manufacturing plants and timberlands around the coast have been on strike since July 1.

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Head of Vatican financial regulator leaves job weeks after police raids

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – The Vatican said on Monday the head of its financial regulator would leave, weeks after unprecedented police raids on his organisation and another key arm of the Catholic Church’s bureaucracy.

Rene Bruelhart, a 47-year-old Swiss lawyer, told Reuters he had resigned but did not go into further detail.

Vatican police entered the offices of the regulator, called the Financial Information Authority (AIF), and the Secretariat of State on Oct. 1, seizing documents and computers and sending shockwaves through the clerical establishment.

The action followed a search warrant secured by the Vatican’s own prosecutor as part of an investigation into a real estate investment in London by the Secretariat – the administrative heart of the worldwide Catholic Church.

Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin last month acknowledged that the deal was not transparent and promised to shed light on it.

The AIF board, headed by Bruelhart, has said the regulator did nothing wrong when it looked over the property investment.

A Vatican statement said Bruelhart would leave at the end of his five-year mandate on Tuesday and a successor would be named after Pope Francis returns from a trip to Asia on Nov. 26. It did not go into the reasons for his exit.

“I resigned,” Bruelhart told Reuters by phone shortly after the announcement was made.

Five Vatican employees were suspended immediately after the Oct. 1 raids, including AIF director Tommaso di Ruzza.

Two weeks later, Domenico Giani, the Vatican’s longtime security chief and the pope’s personal bodyguard, resigned over the leak of a document related to the investigation.

The Vatican said Bruelhart’s successor would be announced soon in order to “assure continuity”.

Vatican prosecutor Gian Piero Milano is looking into possible crimes such as embezzlement, abuse of office, fraud and money laundering connected to the purchase of the building by the Secretariat of State, according to people familiar with his search warrant.

The Secretariat of State spent about $200 million in 2014 for a minority stake in a complex plan to buy the building in London’s Chelsea district and convert it into luxury apartments.

The personnel changes at the AIF come as the Vatican is preparing for a new evaluation by Moneyval, a monitoring body of the Council of Europe, which has given Vatican financial reforms mostly positive reviews in its most recent evaluations.

Moneyval executive secretary Matthias Kloth told Reuters last month after the police raids that the organisation was “following developments closely”. He said Moneyval’s onsite visit will go ahead as scheduled next spring ahead of a new evaluation in December.

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Body scanner at Regina Correctional Centre already a success: Corrections officials

The Saskatchewan government says a body scanner installed at the Regina Correctional Centre has already proven to be successful.

The scanner went operational on Oct. 9, and officials said six offenders have been caught since then trying to smuggle contraband into the facility.

“Whenever contraband such as drugs is brought into our facilities, it has an inherently negative effect on offenders, their ability to successfully complete rehabilitation programming, and the overall stability of the facility itself,” Corrections and Policing Minister Christine Tell said Monday in a statement.

“The installation of this body scanner is a big step forward for the safety and security of the Regina Correctional Centre, and ultimately the Saskatchewan corrections system as a whole.”

It is the first body scanner installed at a provincial correctional facility in Saskatchewan.

The scanners were first recommended in 2017 following the inquest into the death of a 17-year-old boy at Saskatoon’s Kilburn Hall.

The teen overdosed on methamphetamine while he was custody and died on July 30, 2015.

During the inquest, a jury heard how the teen had meth stashed in his body.

The scanner at the Regina Correctional Centre was installed in March 2019, and staff training took place over the summer.

It allows staff to screen offenders entering the facility for contraband, including drugs, that may be hidden, including inside bodies.

The Corrections Ministry said it plans to buy body scanners for its facilities in Saskatoon and Prince Albert before the end of the current fiscal year.

The estimated cost for each machine is between $100,000 and $200,000, officials previously said.

Ministry officials said other measures in use to find contraband include regular facility checks, drug detection dogs, and other technology such as ion scanners and ferromagnetic detectors.

With files from Katelyn Wilson and Ryan Kessler

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Bizarre moment couch drives down the motorway with people sat on it

A motorist was left baffled after spotting a couch with people sat on it overtaking him on the motorway.

The clip, which has been viewed a staggering 1.4million times, begins with a passenger filming outside of his front screen.

He said: "Check this s**t out, here it comes."

Out of the righthand side of the screen, a sofa is seen driving down the motorway.

The creative invention sported a table with a union jack of in and a lit up lamp on the back.

A pot of sunflowers is also seen on the table.

The filming passenger is heard cheering as the "awesome" invention drives past.

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Both of the motorists are seen strapped onto the couch while sporting safety goggles.

Though the sofa had a British number plate it's thought the video was filmed in California, US.

Since being uploaded to Facebook, thousands of people have commented on the clip.

One person said: "That looks like Ed China, the guy that was on Wheeler Dealers.

"He's cool."

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Ed China is an English television presenter, mechanic, motor specialist and inventor, he's best known as being a presenter and mechanic on Discovery Channel's television show Wheeler Dealers.

Ed has also appeared on Top Gear, Auto Trader, Scrapheap Challenge and Fifth Gear.

It comes after a lad was filmed faking his smile after being caught on an ice hockey's kiss cam.

The fan was caught doing a fake smile for a selfie with his girlfriend while his team the Toronto Maple Leafs lost to the Pittsburgh Penguins yesterday.

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